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Nearly Failed Viva

I like your story and the allusion you make. YOur avatar, too!

favorite phd quotes


I have a quote too, but in my own language, Urdu. It is from a famous Urdu poet Ghalib. I hope you don't mind posting it here.

دام ہر موج میں ہے، حلقہ صد کام نہنگ
دیکھیں کیا گزرے ہے قطرہ پہ گوہر ہونے تک


And here is the translation if anyway near it:

whirpool in every tide, open mouthed crocodiles,
lets see what misfortunes befall on a water-droplet till it becomes a pearl


pls help me with my Kingston personal statement

Hello lovelyn

Above two posts provide very good comments and feedback on your personal statement. I would just add a few comments related in choosing this discipline of study. If I get it right, you have indicated that you wish to combine management studies with information security. Please keep in mind that these are different areas of research and you may end up with superficial knowledge of both these areas. If you are really interested in any one of them, you may like to just go for that one. Usually fascination with a field is over after you get started with it and get into its real difficulties and intricacies. It is always a good idea to stick with continuing your postgraduate degree in the same area as your undergraduate degree. Just my opinion.

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OR The poster may be carrying out a sting operation to get a list of possible respondents?

How best to use skills?

Hi mack

There can be multiple options for you to consider:

1. This is a specialist world. So, specialize in just one area of all those you can work on and excel in it. This you can do only in a big company.

2. Get a management position where your knowledge of all these areas will help the people you will manage.

3. Start your own company, may be a small start-up only. Think of some original / novel applications or other business ideas and go with it. If you are successful, it will give you enough freedom to work in any area you like.

4. Go for PhD / research and get into academics. It is one of very few jobs where you do not have to meet deadlines and see your boss everyday. You also have option to start a tech company.

Hope this helps.

PhD related issue

Hi Zia

I will suggest not to directly refuse your supervisor in what he has to say. However, try to slowly distance yourself away from him.

Write your dissertation in 15 minutes per day !


yeah?. it is difficult to imagine how you keep up your balance between your kids, husband and phd supervisor. must be tough.