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Thursday, 6 September 2018 at 12:21pm
Thursday, 6 September 2018 at 12:27pm
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Thread: Finding a PhD with 2.2 in undergrad

06-Sep-18, 12:40
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posted about 9 months ago
Hi. I have completed my BEng with industrial placement in Aerospace Engineering obtaining 2.2 and masters of science in Aerospace Engineering with merit. Both occasion I missed 2.1 and distinction by margin where during my undergrad I had some medical and family issue that pull off my marks. Currently I am working as a Research Assistance in a top university in Bangladesh for 7 months and hopefully publishing two papers end of this year.
My dream is to pursue PhD from a good university and topic anywhere in Australia, Canada and UK with funding but my undergrad grads make me frightened. Is it possible to fulfill my dream with this background ? Please need your assistance.
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