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Completely changing PhD focus - dilemma

I'm looking for some advice on how to broach this with my university, or even if it is worth doing so.

I did my MA dissertation on an area of research that is very personal to me involving a specific school admissions process. I did really well on the dissertation and I've been consulting with other parents to try to help them navigate the same area. In doing so, I've been looking back at my own writings and experiences of what my older child (who did not get the provisions that I've now managed to secure for my younger child) went through and my own feelings on what happened. I'm feeling really strongly that I should attempt an autoethnography for my thesis exploring the ins and outs of our experiences.

However, I started my PhD 5 months ago today and it's on a different topic, still involving education but a totally different focus. I enjoy the topic but I don't feel as passionately about it, and so far I've done very little on it due to extra research training modules. My current supervisors are fantastic but I can't see them being able to supervise what I have in mind - one may be able to, but the other is a specialist in their field and definitely would have no interest in what I'm thinking of.

I don't know how or even if I should approach this. Part of me thinks I should just carry on with the project I've started and pursue this later on in my career, but the other part feels like this could be something really interesting and I need to be really passionate about what I'm doing. I'm afraid that if I mention it to my supervisors and nothing comes of it, they'll treat me less seriously because they'll think my heart isn't in it. On the other hand, a scan of the faculty tells me there are a couple of other members of staff who could potentially supervise me.

Does anybody have any advice? Thank you.