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UK part time masters and moving abroad

Student Finance England does indeed have restrictions about funding if you're living abroad. What worked for me when I moved was maintaining a formal address in the UK while studying remotely. This way, I still qualified for their support, which was crucial for my finances during my masters.

Preparing for the relocation costs is also key. When I moved, I used this resource to gauge expenses:

It’s aimed at moves from the USA to the UK, but it helped me get a rough idea of what international moving expenses might look like, which was incredibly helpful in budgeting my move.

Quitting the PhD at the Final Hurdle

Thanks everyone for your help. I shared the same concerns with some of my friends and they all said the same thing - that by putting in this last push of effort I'd be doing myself a huge favor in the long term. I also voiced my concerns with the supervisor who's been massively supportive and agreed to put in extra reading support if I need it.

So I'm gonna give it my best and complete it, thanks again everyone.


Quitting the PhD at the Final Hurdle

Hi everyone

I'm at the end (albeit extended...) of a scientific 4 year PhD program. After 2 years I knew I hated it, and didn't want a career in the field. I had actually found enjoyment in art, and have published work/interviews/commissions. I kept the PhD going to 1) pay back my supervisor's efforts in obtaining funding, 2) maintain an income, 3) prove to myself I could achieve it.

I have no publications and earlier this year fell into anxiety/depression because of the work. I was allowed 2 months extension. 1 month in, I'm still correcting 3 results chapters and haven't started 3 other chapters, with only 3.5 weeks to go.

My supervisor suggested 4 months further extension (and a little pushy about it). I have no source of income. I'm in debt and can't afford to keep going without a job. Also emotionally every hour wears on you, particularly the PhD has low value for future career plans.

It's a difficult decision. I've seen many posts encouraging people at the end... but I feel deep down I'd cycle into a state of further debt and depression doing this. I have a distinction at Masters level, so not worried about fallback qualifications. My supervisor is the busy/absent/non-lab type, but a nice guy overall. However, his input to my project setup has been quite poor, and he's previously led me to do experiments that were very useless for the write-up.

My predicament is do I try wing it, apply for the extension to satisfy his goals at the detriment to myself? Or do I quit, face instant relief, potentially burn a bridge, but be true to myself and prioritise a career in something I love?

Any comments are really appreciated, could do with some perspective if anyone's experienced similar?