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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Research Title: Using AI-powered methodology and technology acceptance to predict postgraduates’ intention to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into their research

Hi All,
I am a postgraduate researcher at Torrens University. I am conducting a study on effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use options for postgraduate students, and I would like to learn about your experiences with using ICT tools and platforms in your study and research. I would be most grateful if you could complete this 10-minute survey! Your responses are anonymous, and you can skip any questions and come back to finish the survey later at your convenience. Thank you for your participation!
Many Thanks!
Julia Lumsden
MPhil student Torrens University

The survey will ask you about a number of areas, including:
- Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use
- Engagement with ICT prior to the Covid-19 pandemic
- Perceived usefulness of ICT
- Perceived ease of use of ICT
- Awareness of using ICT
- Effectiveness of ICT
Please copy the below link and and paste into search to complete the Qualtrics survey: