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Contact potential supervisor- please help!

I am currently a master's student in the UK and I'd like to apply for a PhD in Canada. It's a very good university and the competition is absolutely fierce so its quite intimidating, with all the brainiacs over there... In the application process it says I need to contact a potential supervisor, who will then decide everything.. there are no set projects or anything I can apply for, it must basically come from me.. I found only one person who may be interested in the same topic, but I am reluctant to email him- English is not my first language and I haven't got much experience in writing official letters/emails like that and there are no templates for these on the internet that I could find that would give me some idea about the tone or structure (what to include, the format, etc.). The thought that one email can decide everything is a lot of pressure- I need to create a one good letter!! Any ideas??
Please, if there's anyone out there who has any experience in this, could you give me some advice?
Thanks very very much!!! :$