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Leaving my PhD in case I find a job.

Ok, thanks a lot!

Leaving my PhD in case I find a job.

Thanks for the information!

Leaving my PhD in case I find a job.

Quote From eng77:
I do not think there is something to worry regarding notice period. Just make the best for yourself and the university (supervisors) have enough resources financially and human to compensate the loss of a leaving PhD student.

Thanks for the answer!

This is good. As a said above, I am concerned about the bureaucracies and other obstacles that could slow the process.
A company offers me a job position and let's say I accept it. But I will have to leave my PhD first I think and if this takes more than a couple of weeks, I risk losing the job and also the PhD.


Leaving my PhD in case I find a job.

Quote From abababa:
You can in most programmes immediately withdraw, but it's an impossible question as it depends on contract (if stipended, etc).

My question would be, what's stopping you applying for jobs, whilst doing the PhD? It seems much better to go from one thing to another than drop out *then* look for opportunities - and it may well sound better at interview, and on a CV too, that you're a current PhD student looking for opportunities outside academia. Is it that fees are looming? Then it is a tough issue but if you know in your heart you'll never finish and have no interest in an academic career, any fees you pay are wasted. It's just a bit risky if you're in a grim, depressing, sick-of-PhD situation to go to unemployment (which unfortunately can also be grim, and depressing) rather than jump from PhD to a job.


Thanks for your answer!

I don't want to leave my PhD before getting a job. That would be a risky situation as you said. I would like to find a job and then leave.
I am concerned about the time it will take between the moment I am accepted to the job and the moment I leave my PhD.

What if the company accepts me, and then it takes a long time to leave the PhD (say one month)? Who knows if the company decides to go back and find another candidate for the job? This would be the worst case scenario and I think I am being paranoid, but I wouldn't be surprised if this happens.

I cannot leave my PhD to go to unemployment (this situation is worse than my situation right now).
I am afraid that this process of getting a job and leaving the PhD will make me unemployed somehow because of the bureaucracy and other obstacles that could slow the transition process.

An immediately withdraw (say 1 or 2 weeks) would be excellent I guess. My contract is stipended.


Leaving my PhD in case I find a job.

Hello guys,

I started a PhD in Particle Physics, September 2018, in one of the UK's universities.
I was really excited about it because it was about a project that was going to give me experience and skills in a particular area that is very relevant to industry. My goal was clear: do this PhD to gain some experience in this area, and then find a job in industry.

Something strange happened and my supervisors changed the plan somehow. I talked to them about it, and they said that first I have to obtain results for the new project. Only then we will think about the initial plan. I understood immediately that this was some kind of "fake propaganda" to attract students. But I was really enjoying living in the UK that I didn't think much about it.

2.5 years later and I am really fed up with this PhD. I am not enjoying what I am doing. I don't find my supervisors very friendly and inspiring (some of them actually do some "indirect" bullying). I feel like a zombie PhD student. Just doing a PhD for the sake of completing it.

One of the things that Covid-19 has taught me is that we cannot waste our precious time with stuff we don't like.
I am thinking of applying for jobs and see if I get any luck. I only have the option of leaving the PhD in case I find a job because my financial situation is not the best.
Before doing this, I would like to know how the process of leaving the PhD is.
Is it possible to leave your PhD in a matter of weeks? Will my supervisors make a storm in a teacup?

Thank you a lot for your attention!