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Thread: Zotero over Mendeley and Mind-maps

07-Nov-19, 18:17
by kirk
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posted about 2 months ago
I'll try to answer as many of the questions as I can but from the aspect of the zotero since I've choosen it over mendeley (before that hardcore emacser, one software to rule them all)

1) Zotero out of the box doesn't offer much, what makes zotero bearable is the community and the plugins built around it. The good thing is that in zotero you own your own data and ref library. Currently, I have it setup so that all my refs sync to zotero servers (they offer only 200Mb), but only the refs, not the actual attached pdfs, notes, etc. Those are stored on my Google Drive because I have infinite space through my uni. In zotero you have by default one group named My Library and below that you can as many collections (i.e. folders) and items (i.e. references) as you want for each folder. If you need another group or to rename the default one "My Library", that is also possible but only via the zotero.org webpage after you login to your account. The changes there will be reflected on the zotero desktop.

2) Yes in zotero they are synced, I'm using it on linux desktop and macbook pro laptop, for my android phone I use ZotEZ2.

3) This is also a plague in zotero (you'll notice my comments on zotero forums), because I want latex capability in notes and only thinking that we're in the fucking 21st century and there's no decent half complete ref manager that can provide such fundamental capabilities makes me furious. (remark to myself emacs+org-mode does everything and much more)

4)In zotero its possible to do that through the usage of report exports and the equivalent plugins.

5)In zotero you can have your pdf annotated and once saved have the annotations exported automatically as notes. Once as notes you can have batch exports or reports produced.

6)There are plugins that allow to do that, I think zotnet is one but I haven't played with it.

Thread: Which offer should I choose???

23-Dec-14, 22:41
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by kirk
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posted about 6 years ago
Hello everyone. I have recently accepted two offers each from a different university and I was wondering whether you could provide me some insight into which offer should someone choose regarding the recognition of the university and the prestige of the diploma corresponding to each university for better future career prospects. Usually when someone has received an offer it starts to investigate all available options regarding cost of living, tuition fees, research activities, courses, teaching experiences etc. I will try to summarize pretty much the situation regarding each university and their pros and cons in the table below. Both offers are on the same subject which I like (CS).

1. University of Trento
PhD duration: 3 years + 1 year (possiblity of extension, not 100% sure about funding during the extension year)

Future career prospects/work: unknown

Funding: approx. 1000eu/month

Cost of living: high

Accomodation: Provided from uni only the 1st year/next 2years have to find private accomodation

Teaching experience: No

Research activities: Yes

Tuition fees: No

Supervisor Info: Not able to assess his formal education, no info online (apart from publicaton record)

2. University College Cork
PhD duration: 4 years

Future career prospects/work: Yes (after graduation)

Funding: approx. 1500eu/month + tuition fees

Cost of living: pretty high (especially double the amount for transportation and accommodation than the 1st choice)

Accommodation: Provided by the university or you can find your own if you like

Research activities: Yes

Tuition fees: Yes

Supervisor Info: Very strong record of formal education in ivy league US unis and UK

Now the million dollar question (at least for me and yes I know this is not the right way to asses an offer but still I want to know which would you choose) based on the above information which degree is more widely respected and internationally recognized from Trento or Cork. I mean in the long run would like to have a PhD after 4 years from Trento or Cork regarding the implications that might have on your future prospects and career.

Thank you all in advance for your help!
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