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Living alone?

I can totally relate to this. In the beginning it was really hard for me to live alone, and the rent is just really expensive it takes up more than half of my allowances. I'm a very social person, thus it drove me mad when I found myself alone when I arrive home.. I cried almost daily, missing home. Despite of living abroad for the last 7 years, this is really the only time I live in a flat without a housemate.

I did, arrange meetings for coffee and lunch and hiking over the weekend with friends I made at the university. I even joined the undergrad's and master's classes, just to make friends that I could drag for lunch. It worked, and I started to get used to this lifestyle and actually cherish it.

But recently a friend asked if she could share my flat because she just got a job nearby and I immediately said yes. I do miss my "alone time" now, but then I could always go to the library. I try to keep my gym-ing and lab-ing schedule as my top priority rather than hanging out with my flatmate even though it looks more fun to do. But gotta set priorities now. :D

So bottom line is, both could work, depending on how social you are, you will find a way. ^_^