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Thread: Failed MSc Statistics & Stochastic Modelling

21-Mar-20, 14:24
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posted about 3 months ago
"We went to see the Course Director, sat down and waited to hear him talk about the Project.
He looked nervously at me and asked "Are you a Lawyer"? I responded "not".
Later when talking about the Statistics part, on seeing me scribbling his words, he asked me "Your not a Statistician are you?" I answered that I wasnt and continued scribbling. Again he was unsure and seemed nervous."

Seems like a strange question for the Course Director to ask? Was the meeting originally booked with just your partner, in other words, was it anticipated that you would be partaking in the meeting [i would expect that a meeting between student and tutor would take place on a confidential basis - and so it seems like good due diligence on the part of the tutor to ascertain whether any third party had a bona fide reason to be in attendance]. Was he given any prior notice that note taking would be made by a third party? And was he afforded the opportunity to have a member of the admin. staff take notes also, for the sake of reciprocity. Even if he appeared nervous, what his response courteous, measured and proportionate, relative to the unknowns and queries which were being put before him?

How did it all work out in the end?
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