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Friday, 17 February 2017 at 6:36pm
Saturday, 18 February 2017 at 2:15am
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Thread: Advice needed: grades for PhD

17-Feb-17, 19:20
by Kseno
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posted about 3 years ago
Hi, folks.
I'm applying for multiple funded PhDs in Neuroscience in the UK as an international student, and I get multiple rejections.
I'm 26 and I have BSc in Chemistry (Ukraine), MSc in Chemistry (Ukraine), and MSc in Membrane Engineering (International - France/Czech Republic/Portugal/Scotland,UK).
First two are 2:1 (GPA ~85/100), and the last one I consider as an equivalent to 2:2 (GPA 15.8/20).
My last master thesis was closely tied with neuroscience, and I got A-grade for it.
I also have some research experience in neuroscientific research (~1.5 years) and membranes (5 years along with my studies in Ukraine).
I have visited two international conferences, one with an oral report (Istanbul, Turkey), and other with poster one (London).
I don't have any publications yet, but I have multiple abstracts published.

Can anyone give me a clue what am I missing for a successful PhD application?
Where are my weakest points here?
Do I have really low grades for this purpose?
Should I do the third master's in Neuroscience to gain better grades and have higher chances for PhD? (Although, PhD adverts tell me that this field is highly multidisciplinary and they accept applications from a wide range of degrees in Natural Sciences)

Please, help me, I'm so confused...

Thread: PhD funding for overseas students

17-Feb-17, 18:59
by Kseno
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posted about 3 years ago
I desperately want to do a PhD in the UK in neuroscience.
I have a possibility to conduct one in Southampton Uni, but I need to cover the difference in the fees (Overseas - UK/EU rates) by myself.
I could not find any opportunities for funding for me being Ukrainian and applying for a PhD in the UK.
The University of Southampton has no scholarships available, and so does Ukrainian government.
Popular international funding organisations (like Commonwealth and Newton Fund) do not have Ukraine in the list of countries they support.

Is here any Ukrainians or other international students in the same conditions who solved this puzzle?

I'm really out of ideas. Thanks for the help.
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