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Help Requested - Near Breaking Point

Hi, I agree with the good advice already posted. Indeed, juggling PhD commitments with full time work is nothing short of exhausting. 
However, from my own experience the write up is absolutely doable if you want the
PhD and time management is key. You've come so far already after all! Work out a
daily minimum word limit and try to stick to writing this amount daily. Why not
try to change your work shifts, cut hours or take holidays over the next few
months to allow yourself some dedicated writing time too? Signing up to a sporting event in the not too distant future will make sure you keep your energy levels flowing during the write up too! All the best:-)

Getting over an ill timed writing up slump

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Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice as to how to get over an ill timed writing up slump. I need to submit by October and have about half of my thesis drafted. I've found it really tough to produce even 500 words a day for the past two months now though and can't seem to remedy this.

As I'm writing up I either locate new material to include, get lost in relevant online journals, google scholar and google books etc. or go between unfinished chapters rephrasing and editing. I'm also easily distracted by work for a teaching post that I have and am constantly tired.

I guess what I wanted to know was how to get over the slump and if timetabling is the only way forward? Is it possible to write half a thesis in 4 months time? Any thoughts, personal accounts or advice would be appreciated! Thanks :-)