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PhD and Dyslexia

i think im dslexic
I came across this web page when i typed' how can i do phd if i have dyslexia'.
I did my undergraduate BFA in painting so life was easier 90% becos my subjects required me to make pictures. My theory courses were tough. i did understand what i wanted to sya in my research papers but when i wrote it used to make no sense. My MA was in filmmaking , i did great in my studio courses byt my theory teacher wanted to fail me. :((

I am thinking of doing a phd In filmmaking not cinema studies. Cos text is scary, when i read it i have to read over and over again to understand it. so phd in filmmaking would have practical component. but there not many universities offering that. now since last couple of years sometimes when i speak i mean to say one word but a different wrong one comes out of my mouth. Whne i write if there is no spell check i cant tell if i made mistakes. so proof reading is a nightmare. ALso when i write im told that i am all over the place.
When itry to express myself i am unable to articulate my thoughts and cant convince people which makes me frustrated and angry at times. the more i explain the less people get it.
I feel it is getting worse with time. I am 40 yrs old female filmmaker now. i have been teaching in uni and school systems for over 14yrs now. but now i feel i have less and less control over my textual expression im quite scared. Am i going mad or is this normal. i have been under a lot of professional stress as i quit my job in feb. is that y teh dyslexia is gettign worse or its just taht im going mad.
There are places in Pakistan where i cant go to get diagnosed for this. so im stuck i dotn know what to do. i dont kwno what to do. if you have any advice please do share with me
thank you