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quit ! no supervision

People replied in the other thread he started. Keep up Reenie! (Love you :-x)

Citing people's work - am I doing it wrongly?

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I am the master of taking quotations out of context and using them for my evil deeds. As long as you have a general idea about the overall argument of the article that a.1 comes, and the quotation is minutely linked to the argument of that article, then you're fine. Once you discover the wonders of the mid-sentence ellipsis that magically makes any quotation totally back up your point, there will be no stopping you.

How far is too far for a temporary teaching role?

I commute a few times a month for various reasons and I find my time on trains (and sometimes planes) is perfect for redrafting. Print out your work like an article printout (two pages on one sheet of paper), get the red pen out, and go for it. I find I focus really easily that way and the time flies.

How hard is it to publish a paper?

Quote From keenbean:

Wow, Larrydavid, you really do hold a grudge! If you read the rest of my post it describes how much support I had in order to get those publications and how I couldn't have done it without that support! Only trying to offer my advice, for what it's worth. KB

I'm only teasing!

How hard is it to publish a paper?

*Sees Keenbean has replied in the main forum page and clicks to see how early in the post she starts to talk about herself and mention the 7 articles published* :p

How hard is it to publish a paper?

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What I say about publishing during Phd time is that, in my opinion, the article should come straight out of the Phd (I'd say the same about conference papers too). It's not worth the hassle and time etc etc to be reading up on something new. Plus if you're lucky you'll get some decent feedback to use in improving your thesis.

In terms of time, I've found that getting published takes (at the very best) 9 months from sending the thing in to seeing it in print. I'm currently wrestling with a journal to post an article of mine and it'll be over 12 months if they publish it in their winter edition. Why? Well first they forgot about it, then their reviewer forgot about it, then they got a reviewer who slated it, the other reviewer thought it was great, the editor said it would need "substantial revisions to be considered", then she emailed me two weeks later (without me replying to her previous email) and said it was great and wanted me to send the revised version by the start of Sept. Fuckers are playing with me!!

Writing an article is obviously a complex process but just make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Applying for position on board

I have been invited to apply for a position on the board of the main association in my field. This will be my first "statement" that I have to write for this so any tips?



Conference presentation: to present or not present

Conferences are about raising funds. They just want your money.

Conference presentation: to present or not present

I would never go to a conference where I had to cover everything. Simple as that. It's not worth it.

What to do?! Full draft 12 months early!

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In the current climate money should be a big factor in all our decisions so do what you have to do to ensure that you are bringing in a salary every month and start submitting articles now. I got the first chapter of my thesis published as soon as I had written it but getting the other chapters published has been a slow process I can tell you!

But yeah, I'd do whatever ensures that you are still bringing in money at the end of the month.

My supervisor wants to get to know me

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In case we have all forgotten, sups are humans too. The guy is working WITH you, not FOR you and is going to be spending a hell of a lot of time reading your work and guiding you. It's no surprise the guy wants to get to know you. More than anything sups are mentors and part of that is the pastoral care element, i.e., looking out for you as a fellow human being.

Writing and Reference Software for Mac

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I have a mac and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't used any referencing software during the phd. Anything that has impacted upon my research has been quoted in the main body of the thesis or I've put it into my footnotes. I did use refworks at the start but with all the log-ins and clicks to get to what you want it wasn't worth the hassle. I'm pretty content that anything worth worrying about is in the thesis.

My final push diary

Thought I'd post in here as I'm having one of those days today.

I'm submitting mid-Sept and currently redrafting/revising/tightening up the 5 chapters of my thesis. My sup wants to see a full draft in 2 weeks so I'm working toward that at the moment.

I started last week looking at chapter 2 as it was the weakest of the 5 and it took me about a week to rewrite it. I couldn't decide on the structure of the chapter - it has 3 separate yet interrelated sections - but I think I'm happy with it now.

In contrast to that I have revised chapter one in 2 days.

I also received feedback from my sup on the 5th and final chapter earlier in the week. I read it and all I could see was the negative but rereading it today he actually thinks that it works, I just need to rework a couple of paragraphs.

I believe at this stage its a test of nerve more than anything so I am staying focused. Not exactly cool and calm, more like steady and controlled.

Good luck everyone.

What academia has taught you

Write in the morning. Rewrite in the afternoon.

Humanities student applying for social science research position

I am a humanities student in the final few months of my Phd. My project is interdisciplinary in nature as I am employing various theories of gender and masculinity to reread certain works of fiction. I have been an arts and humanities student throughout my uni years but engaging with the theoretical texts has really made me question of what sort of impact I want to make with the skills I have acquired.

I have just seen a job posted in a nearby university. It is a research position looking at gender equality in certain working environments.

My question is how can I approach an application for this social science post as a humanities student. I meet all the essential and desirable criteria (managing large project, publications, presenting, etc) but obviously I have no experience of quantitative research methods, e.g. SPSS, or indeed qualitative research methods (they ask for experience of NVivo for example).

They do mention in the application form if I'd be willing to undertake necessary training prior and during the project so maybe this is my only (small) chink of light.

What do you guys think?