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Thread: research assistant

09-Jun-18, 00:13
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posted about 11 months ago
After I graduate from BS. chemistry, I found a job as a research assistant part time 17$/hours in a Harvard affiliate hospital, my boss promised that she will put me in FT as soon as she gets grant, And... I am working there one year, as PT position, but doing 40 hours work every week, and got pay like PT rate. So after one year, she finally put me in FT still 17$/hour. My boss is a nice lady, but I feel very unhappy with my rate, because my PI gets million dollar grants . My lab is small, only I and my PI, so basically I am working like a postdoc. So its not easy job. All of my friends after graduation, they jump to the field , maybe not nice title, like lab tech or accountant assistant but still get pay 22- 23$/hour. I love my job, and my project, but not the money. What do you think, 17$ is too little? right? I need advices, and which job I can work if I quit here? I can work in both vivo and vitro, genotype, PCR, qPCR, flow cytometry, chip sep, chip qPCR, cell culture, WB. I think with these experiment I could make at least 50k / year ??? please guide me if you already had experiences. Thank you
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