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Thread: Switching to a different MSc

08-Feb-18, 00:01
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posted about 2 years ago
So I've originally studied linguistics, as a bachelor's, which I didn't like at all. Since the only courses I genuinely enjoyed were related to psychology or neuroscience ( psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, aphasiology etc ), I then went on with an MSc in Communication Disorders and Pathologies.
Here ( in France ) I'd need a license and a whole different degree to be a speech pathologist, so this MSc is purely research-oriented. And I'm okay with that, since I don't want to be a speech pathologist at all, and I would much rather go into research. But I enjoy the course, it's very different from "pure linguistics".
The thing is that I want to have an Academic career in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and/or behavioral neuroscience, and not specifically in communication disorders. It's my first year in that master's degree, and in France you can pretty much just take one year from one course and then the second one from another course.
I've been looking into getting a second year master's degree in cognitive psychology, but don't know if the two disciplines are similar enough for me to just switch, or if I have a shot of being accepted in my cogpsych.
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