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Don't know what to do with my life

I'm in my early 30s and I don't know what to do with my life. I'm currently unemployed after I left a temp role.

I have a bachelors in physics and a masters in nuclear science.

I have interviews in January for medical school (graduate entry), however, I was interviewed last year also and was unsuccessful, because it is very competitive.

I don't know what I should aim for... data science, accounting, actuarial science, software, cyber, civil service, law conversion? What industry is a safe bet these days?

I am cynical about further study. My masters degree was funded and I was under the assumption that the nuclear sector needed young blood, but I have been unsuccessful in getting a job. Also, I ended up self-teaching my entire masters from start to finish, which was a lot of work so if I am going through that again I want to have a guarantee of a job.

Teaching does not interest me very much. The UK government offers large grants so that is attractive, but schools are toxic workplaces and I do not want to deal with behavioral issues.

Basically, I want a career that is high level where I can engage my brain and one where employers will actually give me a chance instead of rejecting me *cough* nuclear industry *cough*. I don't want to do ridiculous unpaid internships and most of them are closed to me anyway as I graduated in 19 and am not a penultimate year student.