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Thread: I Am Struggling and Don't Know What To Do

28-Feb-19, 00:59
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posted about 3 months ago
I just wanted to come here for some support from other PhD students and I feel like I am being attacked. I have not given up, I am just coming here for support - not to be judged and told that I basically need to suck it up. I want the PhD and that is what I am working hard for.

Thread: I Am Struggling and Don't Know What To Do

27-Feb-19, 21:17
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posted about 3 months ago
I have just passed the one year mark of my PhD and had my Confirmation Seminar on Monday (25th February). Going into the Seminar, I was under the assumption from my Supervisors that I would be confirmed with corrections to be made (which is normal). However, the panel - which included a prominent American academic in my discipline, who has been relocated to my uni and a 'Distinguished Professor' in my School, along with my two Supervisors said that I am not confirmed and they have recommended for me to be downgraded to a Master of Philosophy. I have been upset this week - constantly in tears and I am going to be honest, feeling suicidal.

It is only a recommendation, and has to go to the Research Team in my Faculty for them to look over the Report and made a decision - but that has me worried as they may side with the Panel. I am hoping that the Faculty can see through this bullshit and deem me to be Confirmed with changes to make - as I refuse to do Confirmation again and I am not going Under Review. I have been to many Confirmations in my School, and each time the panel seemed warm, encouraging and supportive. If there were questions asked that the Candidate could not answer, the Supervisors would jump in and help - my panel were cold and my Supervisors did not jump in to back me up or support me at all. I feel so betrayed by them and I honestly do not know what to do. I have mental health issues (depression, anxiety) and I applied to have a month of leave a few weeks before my Confirmation Document was due to be submitted, however my Supervisor and I both declined it, as he told me that I would most likely be Confirmed with changes (which is fine). I don't know what to do, I feel so hopeless at the moment and just want to cry all the time

Thread: Brand New PhD Student & Feeling Hopeless

25-Mar-18, 23:08
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi everyone,

I am new here and am six weeks into beginning my PhD studies here at a uni in Brisbane. I am feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. I am meeting with my supervisors every fortnight up until confirmation and when I had my last meeting with them, I got told that I need to contribute ideas to our discussions and I need to be recommending books/journal articles to them to read already....I thought this is something that you should be able to do towards the end of your PhD when you are the 'expert' in your field? I am honestly worried about my next meeting with them, which is this week. I sat in my car and just cried after the last meeting. I just feel so dumb and feel like I shouldn't be here. I am so exhausted, nothing I am doing at the moment seems to be right and imposter syndrome is hitting me big time. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and these are both flaring up big time at the moment.

I am so sorry about the ranting, but I just feel really alone at the moment and need to know whether what I am experiencing is 'normal' and any advice/suggestions from other PhD students who are further along.

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