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Need an advice about overwhelming and overlapping programme

Hello there. Three years after my graduation, I attended a masters programme in the field of security and terrorism on Feb 2021. Just so you know, im also trying to find a job. But before attending the program, my guess was that im not going to find a vacancy in six months, so, i would handle some classes.

With starting, everything were great; lecturers, classes, etc. But soon after, the programme started to be so intensive, like, the programme is not giving a permission to work on anything but itself and it was OCCUPYING my whole life. I was low-intermediate for the programme when i attend, but while I trying to rush through tons of readlists, writing essays and presentations; then I started to lag behind in two months. Now i can't follow up my tasks on programme, can not finish most of it. And the eve of finding a job in a pandemic, it has been worse. Although I like to work on subjects in that field, im thinking about quitting. (But I HATE leaving things incomplete even im getting tormented by them) For anyone reads these two paragraphs or whining, if you share your wisdom with me, I would be appreciated. (And yes, the job vacancy is substantial for me)