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Tempramental Advisor

Hi, I am a first year Master Student. I found it really hard to communicate with my advisor. Since I am only first year student and everything is new to me. When I came to present my work to him, I give Powerpoint but he yelled at me and told me to give Word Document. In the next meeting, I give him Word Document, but he yelled at me and told me to give Powerpoint. I asked Senior Student but they told me that I was right to gave him powerpoint. I expect to get input when I met my advisor but he never gave me any input or feedback to what I did. My advisor never replied any progress that I sent to him, but when I met him, he yelled at me and he claimed that I never sent him any report. I already told him that I always send weekly report but he resisted. It seems that it became personal that when I met him on the street. He yelled at me for something that is not my fault. If you guys ever faced the typical problem as I did, please share.. Thanks