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Research interest statement
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That's great Joanna. So cold mails can actually work.

I don't have enough experiences in these things but I think you should mention what you are interested to work in future. It is usually related in some way or another to what you have worked during your PhD. In this case you can explain about what you have done so far (to show the PI that you are a good fit). Try to orient your research interest and expertise toward his interest or explain how your research can contribute to their lab/group. Don't go too much in details. They can ask you later if they need to learn more.

Good luck!

Post doc before end of PhD
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Then you can't really call it a Postdoc. Maybe another title like research assistant or so works.

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Ups and downs, my time as a PhD student is going on. I have tense days ahead for a week or two where I should work hard to make my future state very clear. My focus should be on the Visa application. Preparing new enrolment documents and other docs can be complicated. I should be ready for a hard time. It is stressful but I WILL survive. The thing is the rest of the paperworks don't really take much time but I need to be patient and manage not to be distracted from writing! It is very important. .......

Sghati has not answered my last email. I think he's on holidays. I'm eager to know if he confirms the points I mentioned about our papers. If I'm wrong then there would be some ideas to learn about and this will help improve my understanding of the method.
If I'm right I'd be happy I have added to my contribution.

Should now start working on Sghati's chapter. I have tense days ahead for a week or two. My time as a PhD student goes on with its ups and downs.

No Job 5 months after graduating.
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Hi Andrew,

It may help, to google mathematician "Yitang (Tom) Zhang" who couldn't find a job in academia for years after his PhD. But he eventually managed to solve a pretty long-standing problem bringing him many prizes and a high respect in the field.

I mean, not finding a job right after the graduation that suits to our expertise is what we are all worried about. But may be you can give it more time. Finding a job in some other areas, in other countries with a lower salary, is an option too. I know there are lots of countries that are very welcoming to foreign researchers. They can not pay you a high salary, they may not be able to provide the best facilities but they can offer you adventures(e.g living in tropics) and less stressful life. This buys you time to improve your CV and expand your professional network.
Hope you find your dream job soon.

Hearing back after interview?
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I suggest you focus on something else, complete a task or maybe watch a movie.
Wish you luck Alanine.

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So I applied for an extra two months of extension to my leave. Just to buy extra two months to finish thesis. All together I have now 5 months.

The weather is getting warm and humid. Mosquitos enjoy themselves biting me at nights. Talked to OfficeBesty this evening after a long time not being in touch with her. A lot has happened since I left. Many of my friends have submitted their theses. While I was happy for them hearing this, but it particularly made me feel bad about myself. Most of them had started their PhDs when I was already a PhD student for a while (1 year or so). But I know comparing myself with others is not fair. We were in different situations, had different life styles, personalities and goals. I should look back and see how I have improved my knowledge and skills while enjoying my youth, explored and gained different experiences and grew (except from the last two years where I was seriously dedicated and looked like a real PhD student that just doesn't sacrifice her travels and adventures).

Anyhow, my point is, it does not matter where other people are on their journey (wishing them to be on their best). It only matters what I'm going to do now in my own journey:

-- Changing the date of the flight -----> Give them a call in the morning
-- Start preparing docs for the Visa extension ---> two weeks

Yes both cost money that I didn't have to pay if I were a bit faster in my writing. It is not a small amount but money doesn't matter! Right!

Now the main job is:

-- Writing the chapter on the first project --> Two weeks Pleaseee!

Ignore anything about Sghati's paper unless they contact you.

Here we go....

sending cold emails to PIs...how good does it work?
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Good idea! I hadn't considered browsing relevant groups and initiate contacting them. Does any one know how effective this would be?

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I had 2/3 busy weeks where I applied for a (n unsuccessful) postdoc position, traveled to T where I had an interview, gave a talk at a top institute, caught up with old friends(after 3-4 years), relatives and my previous supervisors, attend a very important talk by Sydvil, attended/helped with the wedding of my cousin, finished a chapter of my thesis and proof-read my Sghati's paper while spending a few nights at Sora and Sanmbesty's places. We watched Her and The Theory of Everything.

It was very stressful earlier, preparing all those cover letters, research proposals and slides under the heavy wight of the nagging thesis asking to be finished. It's all done now and I'm happy I managed to socialise and have some fun too.

Now the next aim is to write the chapter on my first project. Yes, Yes I can do it in two weeks or so (at least the main parts). Remember I have done half of it before. Do I want to improve the implements or I rather stick with the current one?---> current one! :)

Ok, I'll take one or two days off. I can start from Saturday. Meanwhile There are some urgent tasks I should proceed:

-rent a place
-casual jobs
-more postdocs

Let's kick it! :)

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haha, This was much easier than I thought. It only took me 6-8 hours! And the structure was not actually that bad ;)

Acknowledgement to supervisor and PhD scholarship in a paper?
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Thanks guys for your advice.

Acknowledgement to supervisor and PhD scholarship in a paper?
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We are in a final stage of writing a paper. My contribution to this paper also forms a chapter of my PhD thesis

I have two co-athurs. They are assistant professors in a different field. They have mentioned in the acknowledgement, a number of grants that support them. Should I also acknowledge my PhD scholarship?

Also we have cited to some papers of my supervisor. He helped me throughout this work giving me ideas, suggestions and advices. (How) should I mention this in the acknowledgement section?

My field relies on the boundaries of Computer Science and Mathematics, if it makes any difference.

Changing University after 5 Months of Starting PhD in Australia. Worth the pain?
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Are you studying at a group of 8 Uni?

I don't recommend changing uni unless things are really not manageable. After all you chose your uni for some good reason at the first place.
If you don't like your office and you can't get any better one, then try studying at other places at Uni such as libraries, nice cafes or even somewhere in the bushes.

Also try seek help from the resources available for students and specially for postgrads.
Take a conselling session at uni. They are particularly trained to help students/Postgrads. And they can tell you where/how to seek help and improve your experience with the uni.
Also you may consider contacting the postgrad association at your Uni. They should be able to offer some help and good suggestions.

Make sure you attend events organised specially for postgrads. Socialising with other PhD students help you not feeling isolated. You can also get some ideas from them how to better manage your PhD at your institute.

Good luck :)

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ok, ok, whatever!

It's time to edit Sghati's paper! Uuuffff!
Where do I start?
Why am I hesitating? It's because I don't like what they wrote at all. I mean the structure they decided to go with. It is hard and confusing. And they don't listen to me. Coz they are senior, more experienced and know better about the problem of the paper. I agree but I surely know better about this part. Any how I'll just have the paper on my CV. Their fault if it the part related to my contribution is not explained as nice! :| ok!

The other issue is they write about those formal proofs that I don't want to get there! ugh! ----> I can only ignore that part for the sake of now!

Ahhh these pure mathematicians!!!

selection criteria questions
Shut Up and Write??
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Hi Ruffles,

This is a great idea! I'm up for it! Writing is now do or die for me too.