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MBA from UK : Which one from these Universities ....???

Hi Anishsha,
May I ask what course at what level have you applied for??

paid phd

Hi Seyma,
Just about all UK universities does offer funded PhD programmes but you need to look whether they fund the theme of your interest. However I also know these funded PhDs are highly competitve and limited so in the case where you are not selected why don't you consider a graduate loan from any UK bank. I am quite sure this will cover your tution fees as well as your personal expenses.

PhD Studentships and tax credits

Hi Killahtron,
My friend was having the same issue few months back but to answer your question it doesn't count at all.

best wishes:-)

MSc Epidemiology: LSHTM or Imperial

Hi Magster,
Tbh both institutions are equally good in terms of reputation but I would personally favour Imperial more over LSHTM as it is more well recognised.

Good luck in whatever you choose at the end.


Hi guys ,
I will be graduating next year with BSc(Hons) Applied Biomedical science degree and already holding offers for masters from the following institutions:
University of Brighton- Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences MRes
University college London- MRes Biomedicine
University of Portsmouth-MSc Biomedicine

Any suggestions on what University I should accept and perhaps why??