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incompetent CO-supervisor

Quote From rocket1914:
Thank you ever so much for the advice. I'm also thinking defaulting back to first supervisor, but as second supervisor never misses a meeting, it is diplomatically tricky.

I feel that your 2nd supervisor has good attitude and he was trying to help you..., at least he never misses a meeting.
Unfortunately, he is still inexperienced, but we need not expect a professor to know 'everything' about 'everything'.

Meanwhile, you could email some of the authors of the papers to clarify some frameworks or any doubts. Better still, start preparing for a conference paper soon. You may get feedback from some famous researchers in conference too. The second sup may not question you later when you have the support from first sup and other experts.

incompetent CO-supervisor

It is not uncommon that a PhD supervisor is recruited because of 'strong networking' rather than impressive publications.
Anyway, this so-called incompetent supervisor could be reading your message in this forum as it may not be difficult to identify you who is into "human computer interaction with psychology and education technology".

However, it may not be uncommon for a professor to have knowledge in these three areas.
It is probably common nowadays to utilize education technology to enhance learning.

incompetent CO-supervisor

One professor told me that a PhD-er who could not publish at least two papers in high impact journal are weak candidates.
So, those PhD-ers who pass without publications could be considered to be very weak by these professors. My point is: You have to be very careful. Your second supervisor could be using another adjective for his PhD-er.

My suggestion for you is to get more support from your first supervisor.
Next, probe for more details whenever you interact with your second supervisor.
Thirdly, thank him with his advice in email. That is, you have documentation of his incompetent advice in email....

Can I submit PhD thesis without supervisor's approval?

I happen to know of a PhD student who insisted to submit the thesis early...
The supervisor agreed but she told the external examiner that she had difficulty understanding this thesis.

There could be ethical issues when there is such communication between the supervisor and external examiner.
However, this student passed the viva with minor revision. But it is a risk.

A Dr PhD yet jobless

I remember you. Your situation is special. Your supervisor claimed in a paper that she was the main author and you only contributed by performing the experiment.

It seems that your supervisor may not help you in getting an academic job.
However, even PhD candidates who have the support of supervisor applied for more than 60 jobs.

PhD Viva Outcomes and job interviews

You may also share that the revision is mainly introduction.
No problem with methodology and results...
Congrats! Dr Bragon!

PhD Viva Outcomes and job interviews

Quote From Bragon:
Secondly, how do i go about job applications/interviews now? I obviously can't lie and say a pass with major corrections, but it seems unfair given that that would have been the examiners recommendation if the university had this option which many seem to...? Thanks for your help!

Probably they won't demand you to provide the viva detail during interview.
If they really ask, you may honestly tell them that it was a 'borderline minor', and emphasize that there is no re-viva.
They should be happy to know that you need not apply leave for viva.

Meanwhile, quickly complete the revisions with rigour!

PhD Viva Outcomes and job interviews

Quote From Bragon:
I was happy enough with this, but didn't realise that my university has no option for a 'major corrections' outcome after a viva, only for no corrections or minor, therefore I have been effectively bumped down to R&R, which i was understandably dissapointed with. Is this common at other universities?

Are you absolutely sure? R&R?

PhD Viva Outcomes and job interviews

Quote From Bragon:
The examiner was not happy with my introduction and suggested I included several sections which don't really seem that relevant to my work (they are to his however).

This is the fault of your supervisor! You have cited the examiner's papers etc...
It is a rule of the PhD game.

Who will hire all the PhDs? Not Canada’s universities

Another interesting article: Science PhD: New Track to Unemployment

The positive side of going for your PhD

There are a few positive things for me. For example, publications in SCI and SSCI journals, as well as grants to attend overseas conference and awards for papers presented...

However, isn't it possible that sharing positive things may also be perceived negatively? :-(

disagreements with examiner at viva

Quote From brit27:
In another development, the other examiner revealed that he was not given any instructions at the viva by the independent chair, and as a result he was under the impression that my supervisor would have the final word on the viva result. He even raised this formally at the end of the viva, but by then it was too late. When I read the report by the independent chair, it clearly stated that the rules had not been explained to the examiners "as I never do that".

It seems that the outcome was based on an impression or insufficient communication.
These "8 months of thesis amendment" really seem crazy as they could have been done within 2 to 3 weeks.

Perhaps the moral of the story is three papers published may not help in viva.
Anyway, this is a road less travelled. Good luck! Dr Brit27.

Postdoc with an assistant prof or an associate prof

The question could be "postdoc with a HOD or Editor of a journal?"
I'm not joking.

A job inappropriate for a PhD?

If I remember correctly, Einstein was in similar situations for some years.
He was probably providing private tuition service...

Seriously considering "suing" ex-supervisor

Just a few more ideas:

1. The problem could also be related to the recruitment process of an academic. It is sometimes possible that a professor was recruited through connection or has "good networking"; not about his technical knowledge.

2. Alternatively, it was also the person who recruited your supervisor or the one who assigned you the supervisor that caused you having these difficulties. However, your supervisor was also under pressure to publish papers and to perform other duties assigned by the HOD.

3. A professor may have so much workload that supervision duty is not of higher priority for him to survive. In fact, your supervisor could be under pressure from the HOD before he left. Hope you will realize that the situation may be more complicated than it seems.