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Part time PhD hours

Thanks Karen,

I work within medical imaging. Which means I can probably negotiate a days study leave a week and use other available time between clinics etc.

Unfortunately due to my very niche area of work a research program looks to be the best bet for me. This is not something that I have taken lightly even though by my first post it my appear that way.

I know its a minefield when it comes to the full time vs part time debate. While I would love the chance to do a PhD full time this would not be achievable, as I would need to be in based in clinical setting with patient interaction. I am not lab based or have anything to do with lab work etc.


Part time PhD hours


I am an NHS employee for my Sins and am looking at undertaking a research PhD and even though I have tried to research into it I cant seem to find the answers I am looking for, so i would be very grateful for some advice/help.

I would be looking at doing a part time PhD and continuing to work full time. (My job isn't lab based)

How much time do people on average spend on there PhD a week? Do you get study time within the working week? Or are there people out there doing it on just a weekend?

I also have no idea on how to go about starting to write one ... I know yes total rookie. I have a PGC and that wasn't an issue at all.

I'd be super grateful if anyone wants to chat about it etc.

thanks :)