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dyslexia and MA -is it possible?

thanks for the comments !
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dyslexia and MA -is it possible?

currently doing a pgclthe - found out dyslexic and dyspraxic but really enjoying, but struggling. now considering MA? but doing it alongside full time work? is it possible to juggle so many balls???

looking for postgraduate individuals who suffer from SpLd ( like dylexia) to answer a few questions

I'm looking for postgraduate individuals who suffer from SpLd ( like dyslexia) to answer a few questions for my action research paper. The broad topic for this research is dyslexia and academia, in particular, the challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals following postgraduate courses, both members of staff in HEIs and students. This topic has been chosen because I am dyslexic and dyspraxic and am following a post-graduate course. Anyone willing will be :-
• anonymous
•I will Inform them of the aims of the research
•Tell them that they can withdraw at any time
•There is no intention to offend or harm the individuals taking part.
The aims of the research are outlined in questions that will ask of interviewees.
1. What are the difficulties faced by dyslexic individuals who are following a post-graduate course and how may these be understood more fully by others?
2. How does this impact members of staff working in HE who are being asked to complete post-graduate qualifications as a prerequisite of their work and what possible pressures on staff might this create?
3. What are the coping mechanisms/strategies employed by dyslexic individuals, particularly when working at the postgraduate level?
4. How can and should HEIs support staff (and other students) who are following postgraduate qualifications and how might this impact the design of courses.

I would appreciate any help and hope the interviews/ questions will only take up a little time.