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will bad data / methodological issues fail my thesis?


I came across this post as I was disparately searching for people who had same troubles as I did. I had major corrections in my viva, as heart breaking as it is, i am determined to finish and obtain my degree no matter what.
Among the corrections, I found few questions inquiring about some weird results that are not in accordance with published work. I searched a lot, and got to know that i made a mistake in media composition which resulted in this different results! Now I have no problem, I actually am happy I got to know thins before I submitted again.
I was wondering, how to put this into results and discussion Part now? should i simply leave those three exps as they are and indicate the reason honestly (which I mostly want to do)? or should I recreate things which I do not think is going to go which the main aim of my thesis?
I have no way to repeat these exps at all and the committee do now want me back to lab. What do you think?