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Paper request

Does anyone have access to the following paper:

(There's some fancy fruit tea going for anyone who can help!)

urgent paper request!

Hi guys,

Does anyone have access to this paper?



Paper request- Urgent- Fancy tea going for anyone who can help!

Aging (Milano). 1995 Aug;7(4):174-84.

The Adelaide Activities Profile: a measure of the life-style activities of elderly people.

Clark MS1, Bond MJ.

Article request

I have access. PM me your email address if you still need the paper.

Article Request

Hi Rina,

Many thanks for your reply. The first one isn't freely available, but another member has kindly forwarded me the article.

I did have a check to see if I could access your requests before I even started this thread- but sadly I can't access either of them, sorry.

Thanks again for your help

Article Request


Need the following 3 articles. Happy to post out some fancy fruit tea for anyone who can help!

Lowe, J Drasdo, N (1992) Patients’ responses to retinitis pigmentosa. Optometry and Vision Science 69:182-185.

Szlyk, Janet P.; Arditi, Aries; Bucci, Patricia C.; Laderman, Denice. Self-report in functional assessment of low vision. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, Vol 84(2), Feb 1990, 61-66.

ALVAN R. FEINSTEIN, M.D.; BRUCE R. JOSEPHY, M.S.; and CAROLYN K. WELLS, M.P.H. Scientific and Clinical Problems in Indexes of Functional Disability. Ann Intern Med. 1986;105(3):413-420.

Article request in exchange for some fancy tea!


Looking for this article:

Happy to post out some fancy fruit tea for anyone who can help!

Article request!


Does anyone have access to the follow article? Need a quick peek at the paper asap, and the uni's interlibrary loan request can take weeks!



How do I relate two variables?

Quote From HazyJane:
Quote From mittow:
How can I relate these two variables?

Worth noting that a questionnaire is not a 'variable', unless it only asked a single question. Rather, a typical questionnaire will have generated a number of variables. How you relate these to the clinical test results will depend on whether the questionnaire questions have answers that are continuous ("How tall are you in cm?"), categorical ("What is your smoking status: current, ex or never?") or open ended ("Describe your symptoms"). The testing you do may also depend on the number of participants (i.e. sample size) and as DrJeckyll says, the distribution.

Do you have a specific hypothesis at the outset? Be aware that if you do statistical tests on a large number of variables, you may find a correlation by chance, which isn't actually meaningful or cannot be replicated ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_comparisons_problem ).

While you are waiting for your training, ask around your department to see if there is a medical/bio-statistician you could have a chat to about your study, before you collect any further data.

Good luck

Many thanks for your replies.

I inputed the data on SPSS (questionnaire data and clinical test data). You are correct- there are numerous answers (all categorical) to the questionnaire so I realise now that I can only compare results from one question at a time.

Thanks for letting me know about the multple comparisons problem- very relevant to my data! I'm trying to make sense of it now.

Thanks again for your help.

Article requests

Is anyone able to access the following papers. I usually put a request through the library but they've suspended interlibrary requests until the end of August!





Thank you!

How do I relate two variables?

I've not attended stats training yet so any help with this data analysis/stats query is much appriciated. I've been told to play about with my data (just started collecting, so don't have much of it yet) to recognise if there are any patterns/correlations.

I've processed one half of the data (results of a clinical test) and I would like to relate it to results from a questionnaire, but I don't know how where to start. I don't know how to process my questionnaire data, I don't know how to relate the two. I'm working just on Excel at the moment. Most of the data is on SPSS but I'm finding it hard to get my head round SPSS without the training. How can I relate these two variables?

Many thanks

3 months in, feel out of my depth..

Hey guys,

I started a phd in April. Trying my best to keep on top of literature which seems to be the only thing going well. I was asked to write up a protocol 1 month in and relied heavily on similar previous studies because I didn't have the confidence make significant decisions that early on.

I just feel I don't know enough to make these decisions. I was asked to choose a particular device to purchase, and having never even used this type of device before, found myself unable to make an informed decision. I started data collection last week- recruitment is slow- which is another thing that's bugging me. But my supervisor requested I put my raw data in a spread sheet and start looking at transferring it also to SPSS. I've never used SPSS! and the university course on stats isn't until September!

My supervisor is really great btw, always up for meeting up/giving guidance. I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed, out of my depth and often very useless!