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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 at 3:08pm
Sunday, 3 June 2018 at 11:51pm
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Thread: Dealing with a **star** supervisor thst is't genuinely interested in your work

03-Jun-18, 23:51
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posted about 11 months ago
Thanks everyone. I have reached out to change primary supervisor and raised the pay issue with the University's HR as it was not part of any agreement ; who are dealing with it pretty well.

Thread: Dealing with a **star** supervisor thst is't genuinely interested in your work

29-May-18, 15:42
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posted about 12 months ago
I have hit a low just one year into my PhD.

My supervisor is a *star* in the faculty but I am yet to see evidence of this. All of our supervisory meetings have steered away from the topic and onto how I can do some programming / data science work on some of his other projects for free. I have noticed a lot of his work that they are large projects with many names on the paper ; I have not seen any original content from him. I originally joined the PhD for a scholarship with a named research question and predefined topic ; which he has been unable to give advice on as it is "too technical" even though he designed the question... worryingly he has not read or provided feedback on any of my content sent to him in the last year.

He has pitched a new Masters course which he has been too busy to teach or design content for. I have written and lectured for the content of 1/3 of the whole course now. The supervisor said they would pay me but are now being cagey about paying me the full amount (saying it is good experience). He did however have enough money to fly a friend of his very far overseas for a brief guest lecture and some nights drinking of course (??). Where else does the money from the students go??

I am worried that this PhD has been more of another few papers kind of opportunity for him rather than research training for me and have no idea how to approach it. Is this kind of behaviour normal ? It feels like I might be getting taken advantage of.

I had a good job and name in industry beforehand ; tempted to go back. Has anyone been through something similar ? How would you suggest moving forward positively from here ?
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