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'proposal' issues with supervisors.

Hi Leaf. I agree with Keenbean, this does sound normal. The process where I am involves my proposal being scrutinised by a total of around 18 different academics, all of whom put their own slant on it & suggest changes (no wonder it's taken 12 months to be accepted!). Far from losing their confidence you will demonstrate to them that you can take on their expert suggestions, & you get a more robust proposal at the end.
Good luck & let us know how it goes. Mog :-)

What does a 'Chapter 1' look like?!?

Happy new year all!
I've been advised to start writing 'Chapter 1', which is a little daunting at this early stage, but I have no idea what it is supposed to contain or what it should look like. I'd love to hear from those who are ahead of me.
Thanks, Mog

New Year's Resolution Thread

I'm going to write something every day, even if it's only 50 words & I think they're rubbish the following morning! Let's see how long the resolution lasts :$

What shall I do if no-one answers my on-line questionnaire?!

Hi to all & many thanks for the useful suggestions. I've got plenty to do in the new year!

Happy new year to all! Mog ;-)

Do I really want a PhD?

Hi Marry,

All sounds normal to me! I recall sitting in a class with a group of other PhD students & thinking I was surrounded by such smart people, what on earth was I doing in amongst them? One of the other students, after presenting a terribly clever sounding paper on his early research, said he kept thinking he'd be taken aside in the cathedral, on graduation day, & told there'd been a big mistake & he shouldn't be there.

A fab supervisor is worth a lot - you only have to read some of the posts to realise they're not all good.

Good luck & remember they wouldn't have taken you on if they didn't think you could do it. I have to tell myself this each day!!

Happy Christmas, Mog

I am a new student to this forum

Hi Jasmin
I too joined today - putting off writing Christmas cards maybe?!?
Good luck & I hope you gain all you need.
Happy Christmas, Mog (tree)

What shall I do if no-one answers my on-line questionnaire?!

Hi Eskobastion
Thanks for your swift response! I'm already offering the chance to win one of a number of £20 Amazon vouchers. Good thought though, thanks.
Mog (up)

What shall I do if no-one answers my on-line questionnaire?!

Hi! I am about 15 months into my research &, a month ago, I issued a piloted on-line questionnaire to a number of local universities, with the usual accompanying biographical info etc. I eagerly return to the site each day, only to be met with 'Responses: 0' & now I'm starting to lose faith. Maybe I'm being impatient or just maybe people are not as keen to complete on-line surveys as I'd hoped! Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do next?
Thanks, Mog :-)