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In love with supervisor ..

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Hello everyone,

There are different views mostly suggesting the same: trying to forget. Some of you asked question which I would answer them even to myself with a big doubt. In fact, I am sure that if I have met him in another place, he could attract me as much as he does now. But honestly, I don't know if it is a love or infatuation. How can I know? It's not the matter of being in a good or powerful position.. it's his personality. He is calm and peaceful, kind and polite, so patient and never blaming me (which I hate and almost all men do),
he does not need me or someone esle to be happy.. he is smart and can guess and understand people around.. he has his own ideas, tastes and decisions..
When I am nervous he can quickly calm me down with his reasonable words..
If I knew that he was also somehow attracted to me, surely I would wait..
I just wanted to have a small confirmation to see whether I shall wait.. do not want to start anything now..
Maybe you are right, I should give other people chances to know me.. but it's more like lying to them .... while I can not stop thinking to the other man. It sounds so unmoral. I don't want misuse anyone else to overcome my problem. I agree that I have to stop going out with him. I am trying to not start any conversation..
Tell me what to do more... help me.

In love with supervisor ..


I have seen some old stories about being in love with the supervisor. Nothing more to say.
I can not control my feeling. Don't know what to do. There is no possibility to change my supervisor, for sure.
It happened gradually while last 17 months.. We spent time together going around, restaurants and cinema with some colleagues and one or two times alone. Nothing special, but at least we were so kind to each other..
I am so shy. He is nice, smart, not really handsome and shy as well..
I have thought it is a 2-way... tried to make some small connections..
and now he's changed and started only focusing on work.... It is so embarrassing!
I don't know whether I must forget him. If so, how? Give me your advises..