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Kicked off PhD


Sorry to hear this.

Not sure if the people doing the viva were aware that you are dyslexic - ideally they should have been given some sort of statement/ inclusion plan from the disability support department - although this would have needed to be instigated by you initially.

I would advise you to appeal on ground of being dyslexic - they may decide to turn down the appeal especially if you haven’t involved the disability department already or maybe they will give you another opportunity to redo the viva.

The reason I say this is because dyslexia can cause difficulties in oral examinations because of difficulties processing verbal information or recalling information quickly especially under pressure - hence the mind going blank. This is why it is important to over prepare for potential questions ( although it is hard to know what questions might come up)

It is worth a shot -sounds as though you were not well prepared for the viva which in part was due to practical issues because of the lab flood which led to problems getting data together.

The transfer viva is to look at whether the examiners feel that 1) your research has the potential to lead to a PhD and 2) whether you will finish the research in the timescale available - amongst other things.

It is worrying that you feel a decision was already made before you even went into the viva , yet you feel your supervisor was happy with your work - this seems very odd unless your supervisor was being disingenuous in their support?

If you appeal and are successful, I would encourage you to apply for the DSA ( disabled students’ allowance) and get some support in preparing for the viva and getting back on track with your research - that’s if you haven’t already done this

I am sure you are not a terrible student - sometimes bad things happen out of our control e.g, the lab flood.

Much sympathy from a fellow dyslexic

Please keep us updated.

Anyone up for a first years support thread

I would be up for this - just started my PhD this week.