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[Postdoc position] Postdoctoral Associate, Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT


I would like to share a job posting of Laboratory for Advanced Biopolymers (https://www.marelli.mit.edu/).

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Civil and Environmental Engineering-Laboratory for Advanced Biopolymers, to join a multidisciplinary lab using the principles of nanotechnology, drug delivery, and biomaterials to create new technologies that can positively influence our society by minimizing the use of resources and mitigate environmental impact. The proposed research project is based on the development of new technologies that can impact plant metabolism, with the ultimate goal of boosting crop production, mitigating the effect of environmental stressors, and minimizing agricultural input. Responsibilities include developing biomaterials that can be micro/nano-fabricated and interfaced with plants and food; employing a multidisciplinary approach focused on biomaterial synthesis and fabrication and drug delivery; collaborating with a sister lab in Singapore and other MIT faculty developing technologies to be delivered in plants and food; developing a workflow for micro and nanofabrication of biomaterials that can be rapidly scaled-up and translated in a GMP production environment; performing experiments to assess the deployment of cargo molecules in plants and food; and interfacing with the greater biomaterials and food community.

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: Ph.D. in biological/biomedical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or related field; knowledge of and demonstrated skill set in biomaterials, drug delivery, bio/molecular assays, and experimental techniques including microscopy (confocal, SEM, AFM), FTIR/Raman, qPCR/RNAseq, etc.; ability to work and communicate effectively in a multidisciplinary research team; track record of publications and scientific output; self-motivation; ability to work independently; and excellent organizational, analytical, and writing skills. PREFERRED: interdisciplinary research background in biomaterials, micro/nanofabrication, materials characterization, drug delivery, and biology; experience with food and plant handling and experimentation. Those with a general plant and food science background are encouraged to apply. Job #19452

Interested applicants are invited to submit their full CV/resume, cover letter, and list of three references (including reference names and contact information).