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Friday, 28 December 2018 at 8:56pm
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Thread: Getting in to Phd and My Background

28-Dec-18, 21:05
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posted about 2 years ago
Hello Everybody, I am in need of Guidance, please. I have BS Computer Science Hons. 3.00/4.00 with good extracurricular activities, then I have completed my MSc for Software Engineering for Financial Services with a Pass from the University of Leicester UK. The reason for a pass was I never knew what financial services would be like, meanwhile I got grip on to the subjects I had to give the resit exams and we all are well aware that 50% capping applies. However, soon after completing my MSc I start my teaching job as a junior Lecturer in 2013 and then promoted to a Lecturer. Now I have a good 5 years of experience, at my job I had some good performance appraisals. However, I recently resumed my research work, managed to publish one paper which is ISI indexed but not having any impact factor. However, I am working on my idea and may publish something soon. I am interested in the field of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and I am desperate to get into PhD. However, when I think about it, nothing much comes to my mind due to lack of guidance and support. I really request you all to please help me laying off a plan. I truly believe that possibilities exist in this world and all we need to do is to put the honest effort. Please. Guide what should I do or how I must proceed.
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