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Thread: Presentations - obligations?

25-Jan-19, 14:36
by nanbob
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posted about 3 weeks ago

My PhD involved conducting a piece of research that was part funded by a local council; as part of that I've published my first 'first author' paper in an international peer reviewed journal, presented the work internationally, nationally and locally and done a load of poster presentations and written up a report for local organisations to share.

One of my supervisors who is based at the council organisation sort of signed me up to speak at a conference without asking me about it first/letting me know any details. She's not been very 'present' within the PhD (I basically get the idea that she's there to have her name on something - she doesn't come to any meetings and didn't even proof read my final manuscript). I've been struggling with my mental health recently, having a recent bereavement and coming towards the end of my PhD funding and the stresses that involves. I think it will take a lot of time to prepare for the presentation and most of the audience will be aware of the work already, it's getting published and I just don't feel like I could cope with the anxiety of presenting at the moment so it's not something I want to do right now. I emailed my supervisor to say I wouldn't be able to attend but I'm more than happy if she (who is also presenting) wanted some of my slides and she can include it in her talk. She sent me a pretty arsey email after that and copied in my other two supervisors (one of them agreed I shouldn't present; the other more senior supervisor wasn't aware of it)...

Was I out of line in cancelling? I know they part funded the work but I feel I've done quite a lot of research dissemination already to make it worthwhile!

Thread: Ethics complains

07-Aug-18, 14:19
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by nanbob
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posted about 6 months ago
Hi All,

I'm in my third year of a PhD, which has involved making 6 ethics application. Each one has taken a long, long time to get returned to me for approval/changes. The university have differing guidance depending on where you look (a sign of how inconsistent/disorganised they are...) but guarantee a four week turnaround for PhD projects. I have a current application which has been awaiting review since June, and every time I chase it up they just extend the due date. I have had other applications which have taken months, and then if they've needed amending, another few months to have those approved.

So - I wanted to hear about whether anyone has made any official complaints or raised issues with their ethics boards? I've raised it with supervisors but there isn't much else they can do for me except add a bit more weight behind my concerns. There doesn't seem to be any official avenues at my University in which to go down to get it sorted.

Thank you!
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