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The One Goal Thread

hey all,
@Ady well done for even coming on here to admit that, you are only making yourself accountable and anyway you have till end of oct. You will be fine ... just imagine its all over and you will have november all to yourself :-)

@ sneaks - hats off to you- very busy morning - hope you get loads done later!

@ Eska - enjoy the toast( I just had some as well- a bit of energy) and good luck with todays goals

@ everyone else - Godspeed especially if you are finishing soon :-)

My goals today

- Tidy up and conclude the conclusion.
- Edit atleast two chapters in the afternoon :-)

yet another article please

You are a star cindrella Thank you I got it :-)

yet another article please

Hi does anyone have this article?
Qualitative Sociology Volume 16, Number 1, 69-76, DOI: 10.1007/BF00990074 Neglected voices and excessive demands in feminist research Shulamit Reinharz
Thanks for any help cheers!! :-)

The One Goal Thread

@Skig - Im just slogging in ... its such a lovely day and I fancied an afternoon in the park but - the conclusion chapter will NOT write itself so I am reduced to tea breaks in the garden and a bit of sun to go with that :-)

@Sneaks - dont worry I hated my results chapter especially the last one it took me ages to complete - but you will get there!! I have had a super late start as well today :-(

My goals for today -
- Divide conclusion into bite size chunks
-Finish each chunk
- complete the conclusion

All the best everyone!!

Article request

Hi Ady,
I PM' ed you -- thank you very very very much for your help!!

The One Goal Thread

Hi all,
I feel a stranger here now .. I havent been on for the week... I hope everyone is doing better... I am just fighting with the denial that comes with that last hurdle ( winning very slowly) ...
@ Skig - I read your thesis post and really glad for you- that you had back up
@Sneaks - I know all about staring into space and reading things that have nothing to do with what I need to be writing :-)

everyone please keep on... these last few days are like torture, one has to fight with ones natural desire to pack it in! with every drop of strength.. but ... WE SHALL OVER COME (up)

Article request

Hi once again.
Does anyone have this article at hand ..
Qualitative Sociology Volume 19, Number 1, 3-9, DOI: 10.1007/BF02393245 Introduction: ethics, reflexivity and voice Rosanna Hertz
I cant access it :(Any help is very much appreciated :)Thank you.


Hi everyone,
I dont know why I did not think of this earlier. Anyway long story short !! I would really like anyone with any articles on Reflexive writing to please hook me up ..please ... this is the last hurdle ... im just putting the final touches to the final chapter and I need some back up for some of the stuff I wrote.
I have used feminist research methods (not going to go into detail) but anything by stanley and wise, Harding , J. bell etc will be very super greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

All the best to all submitting soon.....

The One Goal Thread

evening all,
I know its late but I just wanted to come on here and say perservearance pays, I finally finished the dreaded chapter and it is matching on to my sup tomorrow once I have slept and have a clear enough head to make sure I havent left major blunders in it ...

'@sneaks I like how you are able to find the funny side to your sup's ' meddling' in what you want to put in your chapter .. good on you for finding a way round.

@ skig.. I know exactly how you feel.. when the steam is just ran out .. but I think the final parts are the most difficult only because we see the end and just want to be rid of the work (I know thats what i feel)

I will be back tomorrow indeed to start on yet another chapter that I have been avoiding and looking foward to at the same time (if that even makes any sense!!)

Everyone else all the very best with the days tasks and I hope you all have a productive day!!(gift)

The One Goal Thread

Hi all,

great to see everyone is getting everything done!!

I have one goal today and that is to finalise the chapter I have been working on ... all the sections are written ,.. I just keeping feeling like I should put more in?....grrrhhh at some point this evening I will just have had enough and I will email it to my Sup.

OMG @ Ady I am so super jealous about the shoes, wish I had thought of that .. I hope you bought a lovely pair that you will enjoy ( when I email this draft Im doing now to my sup could you please buy me a pair as well? ... im a simple girl so a pair of knee high leather boots with a rubber sole from schuh will be very much appreciated:p)

I have a question does anyone have some distractions that they are finding great solace in and escaping to when they can - during the write up? I have stumbled upon the book - Game of thrones- It is well and trully escapist fantasy- and a very bad idea for anyone who should be writing the final chapters of their thesis:$...I digress

Really glad everyone is cracking on
@sneaks - Im sure you will deal with your next chapter as efficiently as the last
@ emmaki- you definately sound organised to me-
@batfink - good luck with the conference
@cinderella - enjoy a lovely evening with your friend!
@ naturalme - get back to work :$

please help how do you apply abductive research ??

Hi all, I am very vexed by this approach for many reasons ... please could someone break it down for me? How would you use it in analysis? Thank you very much for any assistance or light you are able to shine on this.

The One Goal Thread

really glad about your news batfink, thats a weight off your shoulders... onwards and upwards with the data then...

Sneaks ... break it down to small parts and just do what you can dont stress out about the whole lot.. seriously the world will not end if you are not exactly on point with everything .... all the best...

The One Goal Thread

morning all,

not a super fantastic day for me yesterday ... just minor headway ... but I just wanted to say today is a better day and I wish every one the best as we deal with the not so fun chapters ...
goal for today

1. The scary section is nearly complete so will finish it today:-)

positive vibes to all(up)

Breadth vs. Depth

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Hi Zinar7,
I just saw your post and had to comment, I couldnt agree more with what corrine has said... just write whatever it is that you are doing now it will be soooo worth it at the end .. and not to worry about the depth etc because things only make sense when you are pulling it all together ... you could start out thinking the most amazing idea coming out of your research is x but it turns out Y was the most amazing thing and you will only understand that after undersatnding all the data you have and letting it guide you to whats most important... as one of my examiners told me... sometimes in a phd there are about 10 different things that could be written into a great thesis but you only have to weed out one and all the rest can fall in your conclusion and recommendations chapter.
I wish you all the best....(mince)

The One Goal Thread

hello everyone,

Sneaks sorry about the thesis structure Dilemma, but really all you need to do is submit it and defend it the best way you can !! and Im sure you will do great....

Squaredot Im still on with my scary chapter as well .. made some good progress yesterday and then I hit a wall:$ but today its onwards and upwards!!WE SHALL OVER COME

Batfink, Ady,Skig .. all the very best with todays goals .. atleast the sun is shinning there is a lot to be said for that ;-)

My goal for today.

Complete the scary section and review scary chapter.