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ADVICE PLEASE! dream job - post-viva, but should I apply?

Thanks Joyce - I'm drafting my covering letter now, and will tweek my CV to suite, over the weekend

Sending it all will be the problem - but the beauty (or downside) of online applications is the immediate push of the button (might get my boyfriend to actually do that - coward that I am!)

ADVICE PLEASE! dream job - post-viva, but should I apply?

Thanks, Bleebles!

I'm in the process of writing a couple of module proposals etc., just in case I do apply. I may also write a covering letter - laying out why I think I'd be 'perfect' for the job might give me a confidence boost

I may also try to get some interest in a few papers (though doubt I have sufficient time for this, really), to organise 'in prep' publications. I'm also sorting out some conference paper applications, too.

But I musn't neglect my thesis corrections - need that PhD done & dusted!

ADVICE PLEASE! dream job - post-viva, but should I apply?

Your experience is really, really encouraging! Good luck with your Hon. Res. Fellowship application!

I have often considered myself a lost cause, due to my disabilities & learning difficulties, so it's comforting that it can be done.

I'll perhaps talk to my sup. - he's one of my refs. (but I know he'll not be encouraging).

Thanks bilboBaggins

ADVICE PLEASE! dream job - post-viva, but should I apply?

Cheers for the encouragement, BilboBaggins.

I need to find some guts from somewhere! (I am rather 'backwards at coming forwards', as my grandmother used to say!)

I recently contacted the dept. in question (before the job add came out), to see if there was any teaching going (I directed my enquiry to the person dealing with this job), but have had no reply. I may wait and see what happens there. I also requested an official Hon. Res. Asst. position in order to continue a research project that has links with this uni. So I'm worried that I'm going to come across as the pushy-ist (or desperate) so-and-so ever if I apply for this job!

I guess I ought to start growing thicker skin if I want to enter academia!

Thanks for the comments

ADVICE PLEASE! dream job - post-viva, but should I apply?

I'm in a rather depressed state :-( - if I had the luxury of choosing any job in the world, it'd be the lectureship recently advertised. But I don't suppose I stand a cat in hell's chance - I'm only in the process of completing my minor corrections (hope to have them signed of in a couple of weeks).

This is the job I've been working towards - basically I've been waiting for my old tutor to retire to have a crack at this post (I now specialise in his field). But it's taken me longer than anticipated to complete my PhD, due to family / financial / health problems a few years back. It's where I was encouraged to do a PhD (though I moved on to another uni), which I began with the hope that one day I could work there. I LOVE the uni - it's my 'spiritual' home - and am still friends with many of the staff.

On a more practical side, I have disability issues, and frankly chasing a job away from home is not an option - this job is 1/2 hr. away on the bus. And this job is open to job share, and so even better (I would certainly cope better with a part-time post). And I could work it around supporting my family

I don't know if I fulfil the criteria - specifies PhD (or close to completion), ability to contribute to research (I intend to publish several articles over the next year, but only have one publication, have done many conferences), need to show excellence in teaching & research (I've been teaching in HE for many years, but only Cont. Ed., have been a Res. Assoc. for many years, working independently, getting ready to publish a book of my findings)

I'm sure there'll be so many people applying for this - & I'm about as early career as it gets. But I feel that if I don't apply, I'll regret it (I'm now weeping at the thought of losing this chance!).

But then if I do, would I be a laughing stock (especially as I know staff, and have research links with the uni)?! My examiner works there - the up-coming job was mentioned, but it was not suggested that I should apply

I'm so gutted about the timing - in another year I could've had a batch of publications under my belt. Given my difficulties, it feels as this is my one and only chance at continuing in the field I love.

Should I apply? Or is such a move too risky? Would it prejudice me for the future? Do people ever get lectureships at this stage (it's a good uni, BTW!)? I'm far from brilliant (though my examiners said there were some good ideas in my thesis, that would inform their own studies).

Any advice?

I am so afraid.

Firstly, Uhoh, your sup. seems to have faith in your work, so your thesis can't be that bad! Would they say so, if the didn't think it wasn't OK?

Secondly, it's amazing what can be done in a short amount of time, when push comes to shove. But don't forget your breaks and to schedule sleep time (I understand the insomnia, but maybe you can organise your work time to allow periods when you may be able to catch some sleep - even if this is during the morning or afternoon?) - you need to charge your batteries, otherwise you won't be performing at your best.

Break your work down, and tick it off as you go - this will keep your spirits up a bit. Considering that some people send their work to proof-readers, I don't suppose that it would be against the rules for you to rope someone else (partner, parents, pals etc.) in to help out with things like formatting or bibliography work? Check with your sup. 1st, but this may help no end.

Prioritise - some things can pass under the examiner radar. So the re-writting is the most urgent, I guess? (and only do the absolute minimum necessary - don't get bogged down in ideas of perfection - they're not looking for this)

6 pages - if most of this is minor stuff, it may be possible, but be really critical about what is absolutely necessary, and what might feasibly be dealt with post-viva as typos, and come under the 'oops, sorry, examiners, didn't notice that incomplete reference / misaligned picture'

I had pages of stuff to change (as advised by my sup.), which I did in the last few days - but stupidly, I then handed in an earlier copy of the thesis! (cringe). But I got away with it, as when it came down to it, these didn't really affect the necessary criteria for a pass. At the viva, I presented a list of corrections that I recognised and had changed after submission - maybe if the worst comes to the worst, you could include those things that you had no time to change on such a list?

Good luck - keep at it, but look after yourself - you don't want to burn-out before the viva. All the best (up)


Congratulations, Claudia - I'm sure you'll draw great strength in the future from your tenacity.

Brilliant!!! (up)

Good luck for the viva!

Presentations/papers at postgrad conferences any good for CV?

These are great to do, for many reasons.

- Getting used to debating your research (useful prep. for the viva - start preparing for this now, by the way!) - you may receive some helpful feedback
- Focusing your research
- Good for the CV (especially if you get to publish)
- Usefull in making others aware of the research you're doing
- PG conferences are healthy introductions to the academic world, (usually) being more 'gentle'. Can therefore help build confidence
- AND useful for networking in other ways for the future

But on the downside
- be careful that you don't take too much time away from your PhD
- try not to ossify your ideas at this time: keep it as an open discussion, and don't be afraid to say that this is work in progress (your ideas will possibly change significantly over time)

Go for it if you can fit it in - but talk to your supervisor about it first (up)

viva panic - can any kind souls offer words of comfort?!

Thank you so much for your good wishes!

And for the advice that I received - which really helped. I was able to anticipate and prepare for over half the questions I received, thanks to the forum, which really helped the confidence

But my examiners were not the scary monsters that I anticipated - they actually wanted to know about my research, and found some of it informative with regard to their own work (which was a great buzz!)

Cheers, all!

viva panic - can any kind souls offer words of comfort?!

Quote From purplecat:

I just want to say that I understand why the phd means so much to you. I am also a mature student doing a phd, and although the reasons are different, it also means a great deal to me personally to be able to acheive it, and to do it well...

...anyway, i wish you the very best of luck, and do let us know how you get on.

Recommendation of pass with minor corrections!

Thanks for everyone's good wishes, and good luck to everyone who has yet to go through this (it really wasn't as bad as all that)!

acceptable no. typos for a pass?

Quote From DanB:

Bottle of water is a must - all that talking will give you a dry mouth and useful to compose yourself when you need to think!

Good idea about using water for composure! (Though I do have visions of coming across as very thirsty, very often!)

acceptable no. typos for a pass?

thanks - managed to get this before the site went down.

Found it quite useful, but can't imagine asking for the questions before the viva (albeit to consider under exam conditions) - I'd feel I was rocking the boat too much (but for those who have the confidence for this, good on you!)

Just had a mock viva, given by an academic friend (who is unfortuanely not in my particular field) - blimey, what a sore throat I now have!
This has been a good reminder to take in some Lockets / drink. (Unfortunately, I don't think I can get away with taking in either whisky & ginger, or ice cream, which are much better at soothing!)

acceptable no. typos for a pass?

thanks for the comments - the internal examiner at least is aware of my situation - including the funding issues - so I hope that I have opportunity to explain the lack of a much-needed proof reader and literacy advice.

thanks for the link to premia - I'll check this out (have not come across this site before)

acceptable no. typos for a pass?

Quote From tester:

On a slightly different topic, I am at the start of my PhD and like you I am also dyslexic, so its really nice to see someone finish their PhD. Can I ask how you managed all the reading needed? This is the bit that I am finding worrying at the moment and would welcome your advice.

Hi Tester,

Took me a while to get my research & thesis finished, due largely to dyslexia problems (slooow reading / writing, and organisation problems), but I found the support & advice of SpLD & dysability services invaluable, and I was lucky to have a sympathetic sup. who allowed extra time to read / write

SpLD & Disability services may be able to provide you with a laptop with specialist reading software, and possibly a mentor to help you get organised?

(My advice is certainly get help early in getting organised, so that you can accomodate the extra time needed)

In particular, be as systematic as possible with your lit. review - I (unnecessarily) just tried to read everything, and then became overwhelmed, stressed, and my reading slowed down even more. Your sup. and the library specialists (SpLD & subject) may be able to help you out here

Pleny of dyslexics get phds (though maybe not me, as I had a stack of other difficulties too), and there maybe a dyslexia forum through your students union that could provide emotional support during your studies - check out your uni webpage?

There was a thread on the subject of doing a phd with dyslexia a week or so ago, with some interesting experiences (and success stories!), so that may be of use for you? (Don't be too worried about the negatives - everyone has problems now and then, with or without dyslexia - but be canny in who you do disclose to, outside any disability services etc. - it's up to you who is informed. Most people are fine about it, but some have an axe to grind, and will find any excuse to be a git!)

Good luck! (up)

acceptable no. typos for a pass?

Thanks - as you say, it's not going to be the end product. And before my final binding, I'll hopefully be able to arrange a proof reader