I submitted yesterday.... it was terrifying! :-)

For those that are struggling - there really is an end in sight. I found writing up so so hard, there were times when I literally gave up, and it took me so much longer than it should have. I've been very unhappy for a lot of the past year, and my confidence plummeted to very low levels...At the beginning of July I honestly thought I would never ever finish because I was completely incapable of doing it. But it's done now, and I've just got to wait for the viva date.

So... keep going even if you don't think you can do it, because YOU CAN! :-)


Congratulations, Claudia - I'm sure you'll draw great strength in the future from your tenacity.

Brilliant!!! (up)

Good luck for the viva!


Brilliant news Claudia!! Just what I needed to hear today, so thanks for posting! I hope you get a much needed rest now and good luck for your viva!!


Congratulations Claudia....very well done you for keeping going!


Congratulations and well done Claudia - I haven't even started my PhD yet but it's still inspiring to hear good news about submissions and passed vivas. Enjoy a little break now and good luck with your viva!



Congrats! Roll on the Viva!


Congratulations Claudia (Portuguese?)!! You must feel really good about it.

I'm also just starting my PhD in October so it's great to hear good news around and see happy people.

Good luck for your Viva. Tell us how it went afterwards.


Well done, Claudia!


Well done Claudia! I hope to submit by Christmas. My three years ended in June, so I am in the "writing up" period. I also had a baby in the middle of my PhD, so it is challenging. Today my sister-in-law asked whether I finished with it, and when I replyed "not yet", she said: "Oh my God! It's a never ending story, isn't it??!!!" .
I was delighted to be told that I am nuisance by someone who left school with no qualifications! Luckily, I read your message and it lifted my spirit a bit. I hope to be in your position in a few months time. Congratulations! :p


Congratulations! Glad you made it too! I also completed this summer and the last year was harrowing!


Hi claudia
thank you for the wonderful news!!!!
:-) :-) :-)
love satchi


Oh Claudia that's great news!

It'll all be fine, I'm sure of it (tree)