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Clinical Research Associate - experience?

Thank you. Good luck:-)

lack of publications

Hi Scaredgirl.
Well, I am in a similar situation and can not be very helpful but just wanted to give you some courage. Actually, before logging in this forum I thought I am the only one miserable scientist in the world.
So, let`s think practically........
The obvious think that we can do is to put some money aside to have what to live with until the moment when our papers will be published - it is supposed that by this time we will be unemployed.
But, we can still apply for positions (as young scientists) and to include the titles of the future as being ''currently under opponent evaluation''. I know, this is very naive and desperate and I don`t know if somebody does it but we may try. It shows at least the we have been working hardly. Do you think that the post doc committees do not know how difficult is to publish something? I am sure they also know that publishing of every one work requires a technical time, that not everybody has had the good luck to work on fascinating field and having amazing results (like me and probably you) - we will not lose anything if we just try.

Good luck!!!

Clinical Research Associate - experience?

I graduated in Molecular biology in my home country and then moved abroad and finished a part-time PhD. Because it was a part-time most of the time I had to guide my work alone, I was winning scholarships, I was moving from place to place and finally I composed my dissertation work.
In the moment I occupy a post doc position in the country I got my PhD, but it is temporary. The problem is that I was working in few different fields of science and even though I have many skills, my knowledge is somehow.....chaotic and I don` t think I am competitive enough to fight for a better post doc position where I can become really highly qualified. On the other hand life goes on, I live like a nomad so many years and I wish to return to my country but the only one job I can find there is a Clinical Research Associate. They all want experience - 1.5 year at least and I have no idea where can I get it from.
I browsed the on-line MS programmes but the education fees are........I`ve never even dreamed of so much money!
I don` t have a problem to start at lower position in the CR field but have no idea what is the position I should search for.
Can anybody help me, please?