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Advice wanted - Feeling hopeless in PhD and wanting to quit

I suggest you go to your university counselling service for both support with your mental health and advice with with approach this stage of Phd.

In relation to your actual thesis, i feel you need to talk with your supervisors, about what you need to add to get it done. So you have one complete chapter and then can any of any failed studies be included?, even if they didn't work out. I have some non-significant findings in one of my chapters, but the rationale and method for those studies is fine. Either way you need to discuss with your supervisors what you now need to do, to finish up in the shortest time and then make a plan of action based on that. I would imagine not having a clear idea of what you need to do at this stage, would provoke a lot of anxiety and be very demotivating.

I hope this helped.

Advice wanted - Feeling hopeless in PhD and wanting to quit


Master Thesis Help

it seems to me like you firstly have to decide how you are measuring each construct.

The ideal is to find previously validated scale and use that.

In the absence of a previously validated scale, you could just come with a few questions, say 5, that measure each construct (construct 1;expression of the corporate brand that refers to diversity and inclusiveness/ construct 2; consumers perceptions of the diversity and inclusiveness of the brand). then simply see if they correlate. simple test. i think you are just getting muddled and making it complicated.

I think a difficult part would be measuring construct 1 (expression of the brand that refers to diversity and inclusiveness). you could get people to read some of company info/browse their website and then answer some rating questions (again decide if you are going to have yes or no answers or rating on a scale (rating on scale is typically easier to analyse)

You could also instead of looking of expression of diversity and inclusiveness look at actual markers of diversity and inclusiveness...like hiring policy/percentage of female/ethnic minority/disabled/ staff they employ. and things like that. but that would change the question to is the amount of diversity and inclusiveness a company/brand actually has, reflected in consumers perceptions of their diversity and inclusiveness.

you could also see what what factors predict consumers perceptions of diversity and inclusiveness. this is getting a bit more complicated. related to your question of 'expressions of exclusivity and diversity' you could identify some factors.. for example amount spent advertising or type of advertising/or amount of brand ambassadors/or type of adverts and then see is these factors you dependent variable of 'perceptions of inclusiveness/diversity' , using a regression.

Hope that helps

I would run it all my your supervisor before you commit to data collection

PHD survival book recommendation

I reccomend "how to write a thesis" by Rowen Murray. And also Writting for Academic journals" also by Rowen Murray.

I find these books very useful and go back to them often.

Best of luck!

Motivational Letter

I read it. didn't have any notes, except to say I thought it was well written and interesting. I liked the fact that it wasn't generic and was very personal. It also demonstrated your passion and interest. I thought it was good.

Article contribution - person leaving

I agree with Tree Of Life, find someone who is interested and willing to commit the time. That should be fairly easy, since its a not a massive amount of work and they get to be second author.

As for the first guy, he did let you down, but he also did contribute, so if he wants his name on paper (as third author) I personally wouldn't create a massive fuss. People get very territorial over names on papers and since him being listed as third author doesn't affect you negatively I would just go with it.

But I think when you ask next person for help, maybe be a little assertive, (while respecting they are senior) about what you need from them and set out a timeline for when you want to submit. Sure it may seem like they are doing you a favour and they are in a way, but you are also doing them a favour too. personally I would jump at the chance to be a second author.

Good luck

Final year Thesis related problem

so obviously spam, but to anyone considering this... you expect someone who hasn't sat the classes for the course, and who isn't smart enough to make it as a professional legitimate academic (or some related field) is actually going to be able to write a good essay for you.
And as others have pointed out, the standard of English in the post is beyond a joke.

If you are struggling, ask for help, be it from your supervisor, your fellow classmate/ your module leader or in my university they have a dedicated writing centre (and maths centre) to help students.

everyone struggles at times, whether it is with the material or with motivation or time management issues. I got a first class honours bachelors and came first in my class in my post grad diploma and I struggled at times (and still do)... my point is, don't let the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed and not up to the task at times, make you think that this is your only option, or even a good option.

If you are in undergrad, it won't help you long term. aside from bad grade you will likely get, you will have to some point learn how to do it yourself. don't let lack of confidence or the fact that you need some help make you think you are not good enough/able to do it.

There are usually grinds registers in most unis, where nice friendly postgrads will help you , help yourself. A good grind teacher won't do it for you, but they will help you do it yourself.

If you are at PHD level/masters level, I could almost guarantee you will fail if you use a service like this.

I'm at Phd level, and am struggling, so much and all. as i feel like i 'should' be better and 'should' be able to do it myself, just today I asked my supervisor for more help.

Accountability buddies - studying/working from home

Hello self-employed student, and welcome to the forums!!

do you absolutely have to do 7 hours emails a week... and every day. with me i find I could easily check once everyday two days and spend max 20 minutes. Not saying I do that...i do find when i am procrastinating I will check my emails. but usually 10 mins once/max twice a day is all i need to do. is it related to your part time job? because i find i can ignore most emails. there's only a really small percentage that are important, when you are a student.

I think the suggestion to do them evening is also very good.

it seems like you have trouble getting started and from your posts it sound like you do an awful lot of 'getting ready' stuff before you even start. i know everyone has their own routines, but it seems like it might be worth your while prioritising the really important stuff. A good thing to do is to tidy your desk in evening and write a few notes/small list of what your going to do in morning. and then get started on the most important things first.

I usually try to limit myself coming on here, as its a bit of procrastination zone for me, so not up for being accountability buddy, unfortunately. But best of look with it!

Second supervisor pressure

I would not start getting all legal with her. Just say you need an extra week/10 days...it's not that big of a deal.

Factors to consider: which supervisor do you think is best to advise and guide you to finish.

If moving, is it another country or city? Will you be able to afford to live there on your scholarship. ..some cities are very expensive.

Would you be abe to cope with stress and challenges of relocating...or if it's the case that for your phd the best choice to move, would you be willing to take on the challenge of moving?

So I guess you need good supervisor
But you also need good and easy life outside of phd...if your someone who struggles with that kind of change..it could set you back. It's very individual thing..some people love travelling others find it stressful...only you know yourself

Submit PhD Thesis without supervisor approval

Hi ...it's the same in my uni...the supervisor has to sign off.

But there are also other things to consider like if your supervisor thinks the thesis needs more revions, maybe they are right...you don't want to submit a thesis that's not good enough.

I would meet with your supervisor and discuss a time frame for getting the feedback and making any revisions.(ie is two weeks /a month/6 weeks)....and then get an extension and set new hArd deadline. And no u probably won't be funded but it will be worth it, after all the work you put in, to pass.

Final year support thread

Hello all, first time poster in this tread, I'm due to sumbit in early March...this is after getting an extension. So I already feel like a failure.

Worried I'm going to fail. I have very unsupportive and basically absent supervisor. On top of that I feel I'm slow and at this point feel resistance to reading over what I've written so far...it seems crap.
On top of that I'm n ot even sure I have enough data.

I have 4. 5 months technically , but the weeks go by so fast.

PhD pass with Major corrections! :-( ....

Hi Jamie, I hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread...but Piju could you tell me more, from what you've read, are examiners looking for and what sorts of things would make one fail?


PhD pass with Major corrections! :-( ....

Hi Jamie

Sorry to hear about your situation:it does seem unfair to me.

I have yet to submit but I have asked people about the standard required and what I have heard is that at least some of thesis should be of publisable standard and that what they want to see is that you have 'just about', reached professional academic standard. I have also been told your allowed some mistakes and loose ends as long as you can discuss them.

So based on the above criteria it does seem unfair you have major corrections. But at least you didn't fail (obviously that would be totally uncalled for).

And while it does sound your examiners held you to a higher standard than is , from what I have seen, the usual, hopefully the corrections won't be too arduous and you will pass easily.

That's all you can really do at this point. ..focus on following thier correction recommendations to the letter and moving on from this.

Don't let this experience make you feel less than you are; it sounds like you have fone very well with the publications and conferences. It really does seem like you got overly strict examiners.
(Makes me quite worried about my own viva, but that's the subject got another post).



End of 2nd year progress report

I think in absence of a form. I would sumbit two documents. The first sort of like a research proposal...with abstract/theoretical framework/ method sectons and timeline to completion...

Then I would subit a progress report....outlining what you have done. List conferences/presentstions/talks/courses taken./studies conducted

I would have section or seperate page with plan for coming year, again listing confetences/presentations/talks/publicat ions and also your timeline for conducting and completing your studies. They love gant charts (Google if u don't know what these are), so it would be great if you could include that.

Best of luck with it!


End of 2nd year progress report

Hi Tudor
I can only speak from my own experience at my university. They are looking for 3 things;

1) is your thesis project feasible? With the time and resources you have? Is it theoretical sound and is your proposed methology appropiate?

2) what have you done since they last saw you? Or if they have never seen you what have you done since starting. Things to mention are obviously any research achievements ..ie developed your programme of research/ lit review/any studies you have conducted. The research achievements are the most important. But other things you have done, like courses/stats or methodologies courses, even those that may be requirement. If you got good grades mention that.
And then of course if you have any research impact related things, they love to see that. ..so publications or conference presentations or talks...engaging with lay community activities
..so public talk ect are valued in my uni also.

3) the third thing they are looking for is your plan for the coming year. It should be feasible and realistic. And don't be afraid to be creative and ambitious...and mention all those international conferences you plan on attending...and top tier publications you are aiming for. Do make it realistic and it would be great if you do actually do what you say you will do...for your next progress review and also just in general for obvious reasons.

In my uni they make it fairly easy by giving us a form to fill out....with sections for achievements and conferences and publications. And a section for obstacles that may have delayed your progress and could serve as mitigating factors if your progress was a bit slow....if that's a factor I would mention these.

I will continue in next post due word limit