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Thesis amended, now waiting for the examiner's decision??

Thank you all for your informative feedback!

I wish I had discovered this forum earlier in my postgraduate life!

Best wishes!!

Thesis amended, now waiting for the examiner's decision??

Since it was major amendments, my supervisor recommended I compile a separate Word.doc report to submit alongside the amended thesis. This report listed the amendments enacted one-by-one, and detailed where the changes had been made in the updated thesis (including the specific page numbers).

I'm glad you said that, I also think three months is far too long. I will chase up the examiner as per your recommendations as the delay is really starting to affect my job search.

However this examiner I know is very pedantic, and, from what I am aware, I was their first PhD examination, so perhaps this could account for the delay. I just really hope there are not further amendments to make beyond this.

Thank you once again for taking the time to reply/clarify.

Thesis amended, now waiting for the examiner's decision??

Thank you for your reply TreeofLife.

Oh I see, that's a bit annoying...there should be an upper limit as there is with everything else, as the wait could just get ridiculous (anyway that's a debate for another thread I guess)

Well I spoke to the internal examiner at the start of December, and they assured me it would be done by the start of the new year!...that hasn't happened...I have also spoken to the Post Grad Research Officer at my university who has not exactly been very helpful, by saying that the examiner will do it when they get round to it...citing the xmas break as the reason for the delay

My fear is that by chasing the examiner up again, I may end up annoying them to the point that they may, out of sheer vindictiveness, give me additional amendments to do!!

Anyway, I really wanted to know whether 3 months is a reasonable amount of time to expect a response, or am I being to hasty??

Thesis amended, now waiting for the examiner's decision??

Hi guys,

I had my viva in late 2013 and passed it subject to enacting major amendments.

I finally managed to submit my amended thesis to my internal examiner 3 months ago. However, I am still waiting to hear back. The longer time goes on, the more apprehensive I am becoming. I just want this PhD nightmare to end!

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not there is an upper time limit on how long examiners have to approve thesis amendments?? Or is the wait an indefinite one??

It seems like this information is not available in the public domain.