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Should a PhD be paid for work for a company.

Thank you everyone for the comments and advice!

It got me thinking because I've seen some agreements that the company paid to the group for the work done before (the reagents and hours). But I guess that goes to the budget and is redistributed according to the contracts. The project is somehow within my thesis interest so as you say I wasn't having big expectations and now I have even less.
Still I'll try to ask politely where the money goes, would be nice to get at least some to spend on other experiments concerning my projects :D

Overwhelemed and too stupid for PhD

Dear Smiths,

being after first year of my PhD I can relate so much! I was hired because of my background that no one around had any idea about. I am faced with the problems in a field that I never heard about (but people thought that I should know everything about it). I don't even have anyone to tell me that my ideas are wrong. I also wasted around 8 months for the approach that was probably insane. I don't have proper technology that other labs in the field have. I had a nervous breakdown a month ago. Now I try to get from one day to another. Somehow.

I am sure you can do this! Your project is not you and it does not define your abilities. Seek for help around you if you can. I've seen somewhat successful PhDs that had little idea about what they were doing but they nagged everyone around them for help and they got through. Did people think they were stupid sometimes? Probably. But they managed to get what they needed.

And hey, you did not give up after those 6 months that shows hell lot of resilience. You survived to this point and that is amazing.

I would also recommend a vacation to reset and re-calibrate. There is also probably some kind of PhD mental health help or support group at your University. Might help to get it all out.

Should a PhD be paid for work for a company.

I'm a PhD student in a medical field. My supervisor is cooperating with some AI companies. There is a joined project that will result in the patent and also a publication where we are doing most of the wet lab work. There is also an agreement signed between company and my university. I am supposed to join and do some work within the project but so far I've only talked with my PI and a project leader that this publication could be in my thesis.
Now, I am wondering if I should ask for a financial compensation as well (or being added to the patent?). From what I understand the company is covering some costs of the experiments and is paying the project leader as well.
It is still early phase of me joining the project so I am wondering how to go about this conversation and what to ask.
As a PhD I am employed by the university and getting a PhD salary.

Maybe someone had similar experience? Any advice?