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Being enthusiastic/motivated towards PhD when you want a career change after

I was a research assistant/lead researcher for a project for two years prior to starting my PhD and really enjoyed its challenges and successes. I am now coming into the last year of my PhD and as I've moved through the project it's become very clear to me that I do not want to stay in science/research/academia. The environment doesn't suit me, and I genuinely don't think my brain is suited to the more thinking afield and continuous questioning/exploring data and new findings that is expected from a PhD student/researcher/academic.

My PhD has been a rough ride with covid disruptions and institute and supervisor changes throughout which has also not helped, and aside from the other PhD students at my institute I do not enjoy it here.

My supervisors want to see more enthusiasm from me for the project, but at this stage I really just can't wait to get this over with and move on with my life in a completely different career and chapter. So this post is essentially a word dump to see if there are others out there that felt/feel like this and how they may have kept focus and some semblance of enthusiasm toward their project - the only thing that I currently am enthusiastic towards is not having to do it anymore! (Which isn't helpful in terms of progress and completion!)