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Thread: Anyone with two PhDs?

01-Oct-19, 17:09
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posted about 4 months ago
Although most people typically stop at one doctoral degree and later earn honorary degrees if they are especially successful or have made ground-breaking discoveries, there are quite a few people who do hold more than one PhD degree. One reverend, Rev. Bryan Belrad has four doctoral degrees that he earned himself, along with some honorary ones bestowed upon him. There are other people who do hold several master's or bachelor's degrees, such as one person in Kalamazoo who has more than 20 college-level degrees, and had been enrolled in college for more than 40 years. I have a double major doctoral degree that can be seen as two PhD's individually, in inorganic and physical chemistry, and pursued both of the majors at the same time during my nine years at SUNY Albany, from 2002 to 2011. However, my diploma only shows 'Chemistry', so I usually tell people directly about the two majors. Theoretically, there is no limit to how many doctoral degrees someone can hold, but it depends on how motivated and capable the person is as a college student or whether he/she has easy access to campuses. It does take a great deal of effort and good strategy planning to pull this off.

Thread: FindAMasters and FindAPhD Postgrad Awards

24-Apr-19, 07:48
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posted about 10 months ago
Nice. Well done! Keep it up.
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