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Waitinf for the decision after on-campust PostDoc interview?

I am in similar situation now.
Did you get the job in the end?
Waiting is so frustrating thing to do.

How much chance do I have here for a postdoc position

I sent my cv around 10am on Sat. 13 June 2020 to a PI for a postdoc position which was posted about a week ago.
He replied around 3pm on the same day and scheduled an interview for Friday 19 June. His email was extremely enthusiastic.

I cannot say how the interview went. Probably not perfect, but no big accident.
In the end of the interview, I thanked him, and he said: I will talk with people in my group and will get back to you next week.

On Monday morning, 22 June, I wrote a follow up letter, but at that time, I had some concerns about his idea, so the letter sounded too reserved. I read more and in the afternoon same day, I wrote another message with much more enthusiasm with explanation what concerns I had.

About the position: He is looking for wet lab postdoc with some experience in dry lab. I am dry lab with no experience in wet lab. I think he decided to recruit a dry lab after seeing my resume.
During the interview, I asked him some thing on the advertisement, and he said he has several openings.
He founded a small bio-tech company with some other professors. Currently, 2 of his postdocs are funded from the company.

My references told me that he contacted them before the interview.

So far, I no update from him. Since he has been very fast, arranged interview on the same day I applied, and it was Sat., I started to feel pessimistic, Things have been very difficult for me this year.

I had interviews, and will have more. But even if it is all up to me to choose, I think I would choose this job.
How much chance do I have for this position?