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Worse case scenario: Fail PhD

I don't think you have to repay the stipend. I have a friend who was a foreign student, quit in the second year, not being asked to pay back the money. The stipend is the sorry, not the lending.

Is she a good supervisor?

She would bee a good friend, but as a supervisor she is terrible.

First day of PhD but found out my stipend is 1500 e/month instead of 2800 e/month.

Quote From ceylan:
To be honest, people like you piss me off. I mean I have been trying forever to get a PhD position and I have had no luck for one reason or the other. NEVER have I thought about money. I love research with a passion. I could even get on with 750EUR per month if I had to. Give me your marie curie scholarship, I am sure I would make better use of it than you ever could.

You are disgusting!

Final year support thread

First time here. My defence is one month away. Not too worried about that, but more concer on finding a postdoc position.
I saw some people said they had applied to more than ten places, but no lucky. Is it that hard to get a postdoc job?