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Thursday, 4 June 2020 at 4:46pm
Thursday, 4 June 2020 at 4:46pm
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Thread: I need a bigger battery for Dell Inspiron N5010, all-laptopbattery.com a good company?

04-Jun-20, 16:47
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posted about 1 month ago

Lately i have been trying to look for another laptop with more battery life, but realize there is no point. My Dell Inspiron N5010 is awesome with its FHD screen...but i want more battery life out of it. i want a 9 cell battery for it, but don't know what i should trust or not. i currently have a 5200mAh battery. Its good for 3hrs of watching 10bit h.264 mkv videos, or 4 hrs of office work. never bothered gaming on battery so dunno. If i don't restrict the processor state on battery and force the intel 3000HD iGPU, i end up getting 2 hours doing relatively nothing. Although watching videos and normal office work don't change that number.

ANYWHO, aside from that, i have been looking at ddr3l memory for my laptop as well as an SSD. That's fine and all...but i will only get another 2 hours of battery life...i want more, a lot more, enough to get me through a whole day, or at least a majority of a day (8hrs+). For that, i need a 9cell battery.


after a quick search on the internet, this website was pretty high up on google. (i think it was second link).

What i would like to know is, has anyone here on OCN ever bought a battery from them? or had a friend buy a battery from them? Whenever i look for reviews from legitimate sites about any laptop battery retailer, i find nothing.

Another thing i would like to know is, which battery retailers are "trusted" by OCNers?
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