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Looking for new PhD after previous horrible experience

Hi there:

I started my PhD 4 years ago under a project designed by my advisor. Problems started when results came out negative and instead of accepting them he would manipulate the data to make it look like it was working. At that time I listened to him and that caused me a huge amount of trouble.
To summarize: I had to change the whole technique in order to obtain results and he even thought I was going nowhere with it. Instead of being supportive, he came to me with new ideas which have not been working but he told everyone they did. Now that Im writing he wants to be last and corresponding author but I want to be the corresponding, just because I contributed mostly to it and because of all the things that happened during this PhD. He has called me horrible things and is now trying to know who is with me and who is not. He erased me from common folders and menaced one of my friends to withdraw support if she contacted me. I think this has gone too far. He is behaving strangely and Im staying at home at the time.
The situation is very bad and it looks like there is no way out but if I quit I feel this will be a burden and no one will take me.

Did anyone here have to change from one PhD to another with good results ? The worst for me is that I liked the subject and I think that with support I would have been able to finish.