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9 months left and feel I can't complete

Hi Galgani,

I have been having the same anxieties and have looked into getting an extension as I am now working full time and am struggling to find the time to work on it. I have been told categorically that I will not get an extension due to work commitments elsewhere - the only way I can get an extension is for medical reasons, bereavement or some other unforeseeable disaster.

This has given me a bit of a shake up as I always thought an extension was there in the background if required. Now I know its not, I'm slightly panicked. I have put together a diary projecting the next 6 months to my hand in date and have blocked out weekends which I have to dedicate to writing up if I have a hope in hell of finishing. Putting it on paper makes it seem like no time at all but my supervisor seems to have faith in me and hopefully my organisational skills will work in my favour.

Every university is different so I would have a look at extension possibilities - although don't leave it until the last minute as apparently, if you do, you are more likely to be declined (one of my friend's who works for a different university mentioned this to me).

Perhaps we can keep each other going over the next few months? I know I will need the moral support to get through it! Good luck and positive thinking :-)

9 months left and feel I can't complete

Hi everyone,

Galgani - I am at a similar stage to you although I don't have children. I am in the full time job though where lately, I have had to bring a lot of work home with me so my evenings have been taken up with that.

I need to submit by the end of September and although I have a lot in note form, I only have two chapters written in their entirety. I am simply struggling to find time to sit and write - and when I do have a block of time, I sit there thinking about all the things I need to do rather than just getting on with it!

I still hope to submit on time although there are days when I am not quite sure it will get finished. My supervisor has mentioned applying for an extension but I want to avoid this if possible - I think, like you, that it would not necessarily improve my productivity, I would just procrastinate for an extended period!

At the moment, I am just trying to think positive - each day is a new day so if one day is not productive, the next one might be!

I also thought along the same lins as Pjlu and I have booked some days leave from work so hopefully that will kickstart my writing...

Good luck with it though and keep us updated on here - it will be good to see how we all progress as the year goes on