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I want to withdraw...

Thanks for your posts. And good to know that I am not the only person feeling like this. I know it has to be the right thing for me and Im fairly sure that it is. Although that may be more of a financial concern than not being happy with the course/ my work.

Perhaps everyone ambushing me before I get to the paperwork is good, but Im really worrying about the decision now!

I want to withdraw...

why is everyone trying to make me feel so guilty for wanting to withdraw from my PhD when Im only halfway through? Ive done some great work and it has been well received but I cannot really justify another 3 years PT funding (from my own pocket) and it is making me hate my subject so much that a former passion is a current poison.

I really wanted to complete this and get the qualification and the title, but I just dont know what to say. Everyone has spoken to has patroinised me, as if im a five year old having a tantrum, where in reality I already have a full time job, the upkeep on a home, and nobody else contributing to the cost of all of that. 'Move in with someone else' is always the advice I get and really with my experiences over the last 10 years that is not going to happen.

Worst thing is, now that supervisors, friends and family have started on at me, they have all planted the seed that I will just end up being depressed and regretful in a few months years/ but at the same time Im depressed and regretful for starting out on this.

Sorry to whinge at you all, but does anyone else feel like this? Am I having a temper tantrum?

Technically all I need to do is sign the form, but my supervisor (and others) want to chat about it first. It seems rather rude to go ahead and send the form in before we have those conversations, but I have this feeling that I will just end up feeling even worse and more confused by the end of it.