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Ph.D in International development, public policy

Hi guys,

I am applying for the Ph.D in Public Policy, International Development. Beside, Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, do you guys have any other suggestion? It will be nice if some of you could provide some tips and experience of Ph.D application. I already have a research topic in my mind. Do I have to email the department and state my ph.d intention as well as the research topic? Should I tell then more details proposal, so just a brief explanation?

Thank you,

Many thanks

How to handle being "overqualified" for industry jobs

Hi.. I think it is depend on what you want to do. I am applying for ph.d for next year as I realised that I need a full career as I am working for the government. In many countries, governments agencies hire more and more ph.d grad. And as you are just master degree holding, to get promote for higher position is tougher. Well, I don't know what job you are looking for. I don't know to go for academic career, but i want a bigger step in my job. Good luck for job searching